Writer Wed–Er, Thursday

24 Jul

Hey peeps!

Sorry for no post yesterday. It was mine and Huff the Hubs third anniversary! We took the day off and spent the whole day together! It was awesome. So I’m making up for no Writer Wednesday by having a Writer Thursday.


Here is today’s prompt:

photo (3)


Seven days ago, I won the lottery. Now, nobody will talk to me.


I thought winning the lottery would give me more friends. Instead, it drove them away. I wasn’t expecting to win when I walked into that Gas ‘N Go. I just needed to fill up my tank and maybe grab a Diet Coke. On a whim, I bought two scratchers. I never bought those kinds of things before. But they were just sitting there on the counter. I figured, why not?


I completely forgot about them until I cleaned out my truck two days later. They had fallen out my pocket and got stuck in between my seat and console. I took them inside, searched for a quarter, and scratched the first one.


I had to reveal three cherries if I wanted to win. I rubbed the silver coating off the first box: cherry. I chose another box and did the same. Another cherry. I picked a third box and started to get excited. A banana.


“Dang it!” I moaned, tossing the worthless paper into the trash. I grabbed the other scratcher. I chose my boxes more carefully this time.


The first box was a cherry!
“Yes!” I whispered.


The next one? One more cherry.


My hands shook as I chose the final box to scratch. I kept second-guessing myself.


The upper left?



Lower right?




Bottom middle.


Yes, that one.


I scratched off the silver. I closed my eyes before I could sneak a peek of the shape. With my eyes still shut, I blew the shavings off the card.


“One, two, three,” I said aloud and opened my eyes.


A third cherry! A third cherry! I couldn’t believe it!


I did a happy dance and thought about what I should do next. Naturally, I posted on Facebook that I had won the lottery. People were quick to congratulate me. I told them I would take them all to dinner to celebrate and pay with my winnings.


I went to the store to collect my prize and then drove to the restaurant. But no one showed up. I waited for another fifteen minutes. Still, no one was there. Another thirty minutes passed. I saw many people coming in and out of the parking lot, but none of them were my friends.


I sighed and walked inside.


I told the young woman that was assisting me, “I won the lottery today.”


“Wow! Congratulations!” she said. “How much did you win?”


“Fifty dollars,” I said proudly. “Can I have a McDouble and a McFlurry, please?”

Try It Tuesday

22 Jul

When I was in elementary school, there was this kid in my class that ALWAYS ate the art supplies. I’m not even kidding. He drank glue, he chewed on pipecleaners, and he sucked on tissue paper to make his teeth change colors. No joke.

So, if you’re out there (and you know who you are even though I’m not going to call you out on this blog) this Try It is for you, sir.

Its edible glitter!

original pin


According the pin, its easy peasy and awesome.

Here’s what you need:

photo 1

~1/4 cup sugar

~1/2 teaspoon food coloring (any color)


First, preheat your oven to 350*. Then, add the food coloring to your sugar. I chose red because I thought it would look like pink glitter when it finished.

photo 2


Mix well.

photo 3


Pour the sugar onto a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes.

photo 4


After its finished baking, let it cool. Pour the sugar into a small bowl and stir, breaking up all the chunks that have formed. And then prepare yourself for disappointment.

photo 5



Yeeeahhh…. totally doesn’t look like it did on Pinterest. Womp, womp. Oh well. Guess I’ll stick to store bought sprinkles!

Beauty and The Beat

21 Jul

My sister and I have gotten into the habit of sending each other funny pins on Pinterest. She typically wakes up to about 20+ pins from me each morning because perusing Pinterest is my nighttime ritual. Some people drink tea, others do yoga; I pin.

My sister, however, wins the Pin of the Week award for what she sent me last night. This video had me CRACKING up! I seriously watched it three times!

I love Disney and I also love cheeky parodies, so this video made my day! I hope it makes you giggle too!

Fan Girl Friday

18 Jul

Happy Friday, peeps! I have SO much to share with my fellow fangirls and boys! Get excited because the web has been a buzz all week with news about our favorite fandoms!


Was I the only one who audibly gasped during the season finale of Once Upon a Time when a certain blonde in a blue dress sashayed out of that portal? Didn’t think so. After months of speculating, we finally have a face to put with that braid!

Fabulously Frozen!

Winter is coming.

Her name is Georgina Haig and she’s a relative newcomer (i.e., she hasn’t been in a lot of well-known projects) but I think she looks pretty great as Elsa! What do you think?


One of the reasons Huff the Hubs and I went to London last year (other than to take a big trip before Hermione was born) was so we could see Oxford—AKA, one of the inspirations for the set designers of the Harry Potter films. I was pretty excited to see The Great Hall (which looked very similar to the one at Hogwarts) but these girls put our trip to shame. They are on a quest to find all of the famous locales from their favorite fandoms! Check it out!

We'll be late for Herbology!

We’ll be late for Herbology!

You can keep up with their ongoing quest here on their Tumblr page! Go look; its awesome!



I don’t know about you, but I am really suffering from L.O.D.W., which stands for Lack of Doctor Who. Symptoms include staring longingly at the BBC America channel’s listings in the TV guide, wearing fezzes when its not appropriate, and telling people to hurry up by saying, “Allonsy!” And sadly, the only cure is more Doctor Who. But, that won’t be happening for a while. Thankfully, we can watch things like this and get our Who on!



There’s going to be changes coming to a comicbook store near you! Not only is Marvel going to be replacing Thor with a lady this fall, but they’ve also chosen someone new to carry the star-spangled shield! That’s right, there’s a new Captain America in town!

Capt America

And he’s non-other than Steve’s BFF, Sam Wilson (AKA, The Falcon)! What do you think about the change? Like it?



Huff the Hubs is a HUGE Weird Al Yankovic fan. He adores the guy. Seriously. I think he’s alright. I mean, the main reason why I love him is because he works with Hanson a lot; he even directed and made a cameo in their music videos! Yankovic’s new album dropped this week and he’s been giving us tastes of the new songs with a new music video every day this week. My favorite so far has to be this one. It speaks to the Grammar Nazi within me.

I’m 184027354% Done With Today

17 Jul

That is all.


Writer Wednesday

16 Jul

A few months ago, I woke up with a sudden inspiration for a new book. All I had was the first few opening paragraphs. But, in my sleepy daze, I thought it was pure gold. I’m determined to turn these few paragraphs into a full-fledged YA novel. But I need some help. Here’s what I have so far:


“Get up you will.”
“Lazy you are.”
“A Jedi you will never be.”


My Yoda alarm clock was going off. I used to think this thing was cool. That is, until it started speaking to me in insulting nonsensical syntax at five thirty in the morning. I rolled over and knocked the green gremlin on his head (the Jedi equivalent of hitting the snooze) and pulled my covers over my eyes.


I really didn’t want to get out bed this morning. I contemplated telling my mom I was sick. It couldn’t be a cold, obviously; I didn’t have a runny nose or a cough. I could try to fake it but I was a horrible actress. Like Halle Berry in Catwoman, bad. I decided on faking a stomach ailment. Those were usually the best fake sicknesses to have. You didn’t necessarily HAVE to have a fever and all of your symptoms were internal.




Why didn’t I want to get out of bed this morning, you ask? Because it’s the last day of school. For most high-schoolers, this is the day they look forward to more than Christmas. After all, next year, I’ll be a senior. All of my classmates are dancing in halls. But not me. I was looking forward to summer like I would a root canal.




Now, my question to you is: why would my main character not look forward to summer? There are NO wrong answers! Get to brainstorming, peeps!

Try It Tuesday

15 Jul

You guys. I am SO excited about today’s Try It! I seriously feel like this is the BEST Try It I’ve ever done!

I didn’t find this on Pinterest, I just came up with this on my own!

The other night, I was walking Pinny Lane and I saw an old highchair someone had thrown out. We’ve been needing an actual highchair because Hermione’s chubby little legs get stuck in the Bumbo. So when I saw the throw away highchair, I was super excited! Especially because the highchair I wanted from Target was crazy-expensive.

Here is the before:

photo 1

Very 1995.


First, I took the cushions off so I could clean them, as well as the inside of the highchair. It. Was. FUNKY.

At least a decade of fossilized fruit snacks.

At least a decade of fossilized fruit snacks.


I sprayed everything down with the water hose, and then I scrubbed it all with Scrubbing Bubbles and Clorox. I also took the plastic covers off of the chair’s corners. I cleaned the dirt off the metal and then use painter’s tape and newspaper to cover the metal pieces.

I used spray paint specifically formulated for plastics and painted the plastic areas.



While that dried, I thought about how to cover the cushions. I didn’t like the fabric, and both the seat and the back had tears in them.

photo 3 (2)

Somebody’s kid “went Wolverine” on this!


I didn’t want to use plain old material, because that would stain easily. I also knew that buying vinyl fabric would be expensive and the whole point of this was to save money. That’s when I had a brilliant idea: duct tape.

Duct tape comes in so many different colors now AND its basically plastic (meaning it will clean easily). So I went to Target and picked out two different colors: one for the back and one for the seat. I chose these:

photo 3 (3)

Pretty purple!


I used the paisley for the back and the purple for the seat. When I did the back, I tried to line up the pattern as best I could, to make it have a “seamless” look. I think they turned out pretty well:

My kind of "sewing".

My kind of “sewing”.


Then, I put everything back together again. And voila! A new highchair was born!

Hippie highchair.

Hippie highchair.


I really like how it turned out! And the best part is, I saved SO much!

Duct tape (paisley): $3.99

Duct tape (purple): $3.09

Spray paint: $4.85

Highchair: $0

Total: $11.93

Target highchair: $139.99

Total Savings: $128.06


Its official: I love upcycling!

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