Try It Tuesday

19 Aug

Fair warning, guys: today’s Try It Tuesday is about to get real, real fast.


The other night, my tummy was in some major pain. No, it was nausea. It was…. The other thing. Or, lack of the other thing.


poop emoji


Yep. That’s what I’m talking about.


Anyway, I heated up the rice bag and laid it on my tummy whilst moaning and groaning to an oblivious Huff the Hubs who was sucked into his world on Minecraft. I tried to distract myself and got on Pinterest and saw my sister sent me a pin. This pin:

poop button

It was titled: “The Magic Poop Button”.


(Yep. I just went there.)


Intrigued, I clicked the link. It took me to a blog written by a mom that had tried this on one of her kids. She said she had “almost instant success” so I tried it out.


What you do is, you lie down on your back, measure three fingertip widths down from your belly button, and then push that point with your finger.


This acupressure is supposed to help with backups and ease the pain.


So, I thought, “What the heck?” and tried it.


I measured and then pressed down as hard as I could, stopping short of “holy ^%$# this is agony!” territory. Though I didn’t have “instant success”, it did help with the pain after about a minute! I was even able to fall asleep! I could not believe it!


Take that, people that say acupressure is hokum!


Now, in an effort to take your mind off of bowel movements and make today’s post a little less gross, I have another Try It for you.


All over Pinterest there are life hacks, teacher hacks, mom hacks, etc. While perusing Pinterest, I found this:


hair style hacks


Its lazy girl hair hacks!

This is perfect for me because: 1. I’m so lazy when it comes to my hair and 2. I am hair illiterate. I blame my chubby, non-nimble fingers for my lack of ability to make my hair look awesome. Do you know how many times I have tried and failed at doing the sock bun? Too many to count.


Moving on…


I tried one that didn’t look too difficult. This one:

hair hacks


So here’s my before:

photo 1


And here’s the after:

photo 2


Yeah, not so much. My hair = ratchet. I told you I suck at this! I just need someone to come over and do my hair for me. (Hear that, Morgan? I’m talking about YOU!)


Have you ever tried any of these hacks? Did they work for you? What about the other Try It?

Spread Some Silly

18 Aug

Hey guys!

Today has been a little rough. We experienced a loss on the Huffman side of the familia so we’ve all been down today. Even though we know that Grandma is basking in the radiance of her Father, it doesn’t make it any easier for those left behind.

Your day may not have been as emotional, but I still think that everyone could use some smiles and happiness. Luckily, there are adorable animal videos all over the internet to give us some much-needed giggles.





Fan Girl Friday

15 Aug

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttssssssssssss Friday!


Time to kick back; drink a cold glass of Diet A&W® and binge-watch Sherlock on Netflix.


But, before the chillaxing begins, take a gander at these delightfully dorky treasures I’ve track down from the web!


San Diego Comic Con was almost a month ago, but I’m still finding out some awesome things that happened at the convention! Like this!

Lee Pace

Lee Pace totally photobombed sleeping fans that were camped out outside of Hall H! Click the link for more amazing things you may have missed from this year’s SDCC!


JJ Abrams is pretty much my favorite director. Not just because of his ability to breathe new life into old franchises, but also because he keeps tweeting/leaking photos from the new Star Wars flick! Check out Han Solo’s new costume!

Harrison Ford

What do you think? It really reminds me of a certain space cowboy


And speaking of space, look at this AMAZING space-themed room a dad made for his son! Complete with rocket!


This week, the world lost one of the greatest comedians in the history of comedy, Robin Williams. The tributes have been pouring in. They’re all very touching, however I think this one is the best. The cast of Broadyway’s Aladdin paid a musical tribute to him onstage after one of their shows. Take a look:



Writer Wednesday

13 Aug

Hello all!
Last week I didn’t do a Writer Wednesday post. I know; everyone was very sad. Well, dry your eyes, cupcake because I’ve got a whole new story to share with you!

Here’s today’s prompt:

prompt writer



She’d been in the tower for almost two years. She would look out the window every night and think of her parents, the King and Queen. She could even see the turrets from their castle.

So close yet so far away, she’d think to herself.
She knew she was here for her own protection. Still, it didn’t make it any easier.
She sometimes wished she could get the “Aurora Treatment”; being in a coma would be better than being bored out of your mind day in and day out. But, she found ways to pass the time.
She’d read–what little books she had. She’d dance. But, her favorite pastime was singing. Her friend enjoyed it too.
Oh no, the Princess was not entirely alone. She had a friend. A friend that protected her and cared for her. He was a kind, gentle creature. Though many wouldn’t have seen him that way upon first glance. You see, her friend was a Dragon.
The Dragon would wake up in the morning to the sound of the Princess singing. Then, he’d come to her window, get a soft pat on the head from his royal companion, and then take the princess on a morning flight around the countryside.
Most fairy tales portray dragons as mean, fire-breathing terrors. But not this Dragon. This Dragon had an important purpose. He was here to protect the Princess.
There was a Prince from a far away kingdom who wanted to marry the Princess. However, she was not inclined to marry a man who stood three feet shorter than her, had a horrendous case of halitosis, who wanted nothing more than to rule his kingdom with an iron fist, and who also referred to himself in the third person.
In an effort to keep their daughter from the awful fate of becoming his bride, the King and Queen devised a plan: they would send their daughter to a faraway tower under the Dragon’s protection until the pint-sized Prince had married some other poor soul.
What the King and Queen had not counted on was the Prince’s determination and the fact that every king and queen with a daughter of marrying age within a 50 mile radius had all devised similar plans. Being as it was, the King and Queen had the closest kingdom to the Prince so the Prince was determined to find the elusive Princess. And this is how the Princess came to be in the tower.
Now, one day after a beautiful morning riding atop her Dragon’s neck, the Princess spotted a shining lump in the far distance.
“What’s that?” She whispered in her dragon friends ear.
The Dragon let out a low moan.
“Let’s get closer,” whispered the Princess.
As the Dragon flew closer to the ground, the Princess immediately knew who it was. It was the Prince! Dressed in full armor!
Quickly, the Princess came up with a plan. She had the Dragon drop her back at her tower and then she discussed the plan with her fire-breathing friend.
“We can do this,” the Princess said. She hugged the Dragon around his neck and rushed to her dresser. Quickly, she tossed her belongings in and raced down the stairs. She slipped out the back way and his behind a bush. This is what she saw…
The petite Prince burst through the front gate outside the tower “Oh-ho! Fair Princess, The Prince is here to rescue you! Sorrow upon those who stand in the Prince’s way! Oh-ho! Onward!”
He charged toward the front door if the tower. As soon as his hand reached for the handle, he was scooped up by the Dragon and whisked away to the Princess’s former window.
That’s when the Princess ran. She ran as fast as she could. She didn’t stop running until she reached her parents’ castle. Panting and gasping for air, the Princess ran to the castle gates. She knocked on the door until it opened with a loud creak!

She was greeted with open arms by everyone: the courtiers, her ladies-in-waiting, and most importantly, by her parents, the King and Queen.

Try It Tuesday

12 Aug

Are you ready to get your craft on? If so, then today’s Try It is just for you!

Here lately, I’ve been trying to think of ways to organize Hermione’s room. She’s only ever in there to sleep (her baby jail is in the living room) but somehow her stuff has exploded into every corner in her room. Most notably, her clothes and bows. When she was a newborn, she had maybe five or six and they were easy to organize. Now, however, she has too many to count and her bow box looks like this:


Thankfully, Pinterest is here to help a sistah out! Check out this pin I found:

original pin

Sadly, the pin was a link to nowhere. BUT, I knew that just by looking at it, I could put something similar together. And, thankfully, I already had everything I needed!

Here’s what you’ll need:

~a wooden picture frame (I used one I bought a long time ago at Dollar Tree)


~staple gun

~glue gun

~hooks with the screw tips (you can usually find them with the picture hanging supplies; Huff the Hubs actually had some in his toolbox!)

~20 minutes (or less) to spare


First, disassemble your  picture frame and take out the glass and fake family. Then, lay the picture frame on your table and lay out the hooks according to how far apart you want them. Then, mark the spots with a pencil or marker:

frame (2)


Then, drill small holes on the marks (or, do like I did and ask your husband to do it) and screw in the hooks:

frame (3)


Next, get your ribbon and measure out the length of you’ll need to stretch from the top of the frame to the bottom. Its also a good idea to space them out how you’d like the finish product to look, too.

photo 1


Get your staple gun (I had to use a regular stapler…I don’t recommend it) and staple the ribbon down. (I also used hot glue to reinforce the staples and keep the ribbon taught.)

photo 2


When all of the ribbons have been stapled and/or glued, cut another ribbon to use to hang up the frame. (I had to use a ribbon because the hook of the actual frame was attached to the cardboard backing.)

photo 3


Then, you’re ready to display your princesses bows or your own accessories!


Got a Case of the Mondays

11 Aug

Am I the only one who just can’t seem to get it together today?

My morning was thrown off with a new email system (that I loathe) so everything was topsy-turvy. I couldn’t find my old files, I couldn’t remember what I was doing, and I’d walk in to a room and forget why I was there. I thought maybe it was because I was tired, so I chugged some Diet Coke. Didn’t help.

I know I joke and call it “Mommy Brain”, but this mommy needs some help!

Thankfully, the internet is here and prepared.

I found an awesome site called Lumosity. It has several games and challenges that are proven to help with recall, attention-span, and improve your ability to move from task to task. There’s even a lesson you can do that will help you remember faces and names! That will cut down on those awkward run-ins with people that leave you thinking, “Who was I just talking to?”


All you have to do is sign in and create a profile. You’ll be asked a series of questions about the areas you want to work on:

memory blog


Then, you’ll be given your profile as well be administered a Fit Test to see where you are:

blog memory 2



blog memory 3


Its actually really cool! I’m hoping that, by doing this everyday, I’ll boost my memory power. I would LOVE to cut down on the amount of times a day I look like this:

memory 2

Fan Girl Friday

8 Aug

Happy Friday!

I am so stinking ready for this week to be D-O-N-E. I have been crazy-busy with work stuffs, plus I’ve been running around preparing for a certain little Gryffindor’s first birthday! I am so excited you guys, its not even funny.


But, I haven’t been so busy as to forget my favorite fangirls and boys! I’ve got some AWESOME finds for everyone!


Check out these ADORABLE diaper covers from ThinkGeek! They are making every baby super with these tooshie covers, complete with super hero cape!

To cover up those super poopies!

To cover up those super poopies!



Even though Christmas is four months away, I’m already making my list. And this next find is totally on it!

Check the time! Its almost midnight!

Check the time! Its almost midnight!

They’re on AND they are super affordable! Only $29.99! They have other adorable accessories as well! Check it out!



I know I can’t be the only one who is super excited about seeing our favorite Frozen characters on Once Upon A Time this fall. Am I right? The show leaked a photo of the snowy sisters on their Facebook page this week! We’ve seen Elsa but now we get to see little sis Anna as well:


Think she's looking at Kristoff?

Think she’s looking at Kristoff?

What do you think? She a hit or a miss?


And speaking of Frozen, check out this amazing mash-up of the movie’s anthem Let It Go with Passenger’s Let Her Go:

*puts song on repeat*

Have a great weekend, peeps!

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