Fan Girl Friday

fan girl

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt’s Friday! This week has kind of stunk it up big time, so I’m going to bring some geeky goodies that will warm your insides! And today is all about someone very near and dear to my heart—Harry Potter. Even though its been more than 10 years since the first Harry Potter book came out, the magic of it lives on. That is why today’s FGF is all about The Boy Who Lived!

This week, the fully illustrated versions of Harry Potter hit stores! They’re a wee bit taller and wider than the versions we’re used to, but they look fantastic! I REALLY want a copy of all of them! Just check out the beautiful artwork:

Fan Girl Friday Harry Potter Illustrated Edition

Imma need these in my life.

This Christmas we can all leave our Muggle celebrations behind and travel to our home away from home, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’m so not joking. Now that the Harry Potter Studio Tour has opened up in England, the genius folks have now opened up the Great Hall for wizards and Muggles alike to break bread and down a draught of butterbeer!

Fan GIrl Friday Dine at the Great Hall

That’s right! For only $375, you can have a Christmas feast inside the Great Hall!

And, if that isn’t “Potterhead”enough for you, you can actually LIVE in the Great Hall. Well, kinda. The school that was used to film the first three HP movies has now been renovated into apartments and town homes!

Fan Girl Friday Great Hall Live

You can rent out a flat and throw a party in the Great Hall! Be sure to book The Weird Sisters; they know how to rock.

When the HP films were coming out, I checked just about every eingle day for updates and behind the scenes pics. Now, they are doing something so awesome, I seriously got goosebumps when I read about it. They have started a new movement called ‘Potter It Forward’. This is when you go to your local library and leave notes about your own experience with the magical world of JK Rowling for future Potterheads to enjoy! Like this:

Fan GIrl Friday Potter it Forward

The movement has also taken to Twitter using: #PotterItForward. I love this!

And, last but not least, carry your love of everything Potter right around your neck with this beautiful Deathly Hallows-inspired accessory:

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace

And remember if someone asks you, “You’re still obsessed with that?” you are obligated to reply with a soft, “Always.”

Happy fangirling!

Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday2

I’m super excited about today’s leading lady! I’ve been wanting to write about her for a while, but I also know she’s more well-known than others, and I’ve been wanting to highlight some ladies you may not have known about. But this woman is just too great NOT to write about! Today’s Her’s Day Thursday BAMF is: Marie Curie.


Marie Skłodowska (Curie) was born in 1867 in Warsaw, Poland to a family that had recently lost all of its fortune. Though many thought she and her siblings were doomed to live an impoverished life, Marie worked hard on her education. She attended a boarding school at the age of ten, having been taught by tutors until then. When she was older, she and her sister began their advanced studies at the Flying University—the only university that admitted female students in Warsaw.

Hers Day Thursday Marie Curie

Marie and her sister travelled to Paris in 1891 and enrolled at the University of Paris. Marie studied during the day and tutored students at night as a way to keep herself financially afloat. She earned a degree in physics in 1893 and continued her education, earning a second degree in 1894.


Marie began research into the properties of different kinds of steels and needed a laboratory to work. A fellow physicist introduced her to Pierre Curie, another scientist who had access to a large laboratory. Pierre allowed Marie to conduct her research at his lab and the two soon fell in love and married.

Hers Day Thursday Marie and Pierre Curie

Marie went on to earn her PhD and became the first female professor at the University of Paris. Marie’s research continued as she discovered two elements: polonium and radium. She also coined the term “radioactivity” and found the methods for isolating radioactive isotopes.

Hers Day Thursday Marie Curie Lab

She was awarded not one but two Nobel Prizes; once for physics in 1903 (which she shared with her husband and another physicist) and again for chemistry in 1911.


During World War I, Marie saw the need for mobile x-ray units to help doctors and battlefield surgeons on the front lines. She was soon appointed director of the Red Cross Radiology Service and trained other women to serve as aides. She also produced needles containing radon to use for sterilizing infected tissue.

Hers Day Thursday Marie Curie Lab 2

During the war, Marie’s research went on the backburner. However, after the war, she continued her humanitarian work as well as her research. Marie Curie died in 1934, due to aplastic anemia—contracted from her exposure to radium over many, many years. The dangers of radium were unknown at the time, and Marie would carry test tubes of it in her pocket and leave it in her desk drawers. Even today some of Marie’s personal papers and belongings are considered dangerous because of the high levels of radioactivity.


Marie Curie was an innovator, a determined woman, and a scientist. Her legacy still lives on today.

Try It Tuesday

try it carpenter


Its finally here, folks! The day you’ve all been waiting for; its reveal day for my play kitchen revamp!

I have been working on this thing for WEEKS and finally finished it a few days ago. I’m soooooo happy with how it turned out!

Before I get to the reveal, I’m going to tell you how I completely re-did a side-of-the-road find!

Here is the before:


Try It Playset Refab


Really not much to look at, huh? It wasn’t fugly, per se, but it was outdated and needed some sprucing up.

I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me, but I was stoked to have such a fun project and addition to Hermione’s toy collection.

First, I sanded the entire kitchen with 3M sandpaper, 120 grit. This is a crucial step! Sanding the plastic ensures that the paint stays on well. There were a few places I didn’t sand as well as I should have and the paint sort of flaked off.

Then, I taped up the areas I didn’t want painted (a small chalkboard) and put a layer of primer on.


Try It Kitchen Revamp (7)


I ended up doing two coats of primer with this spray paint from Wal-Mart:

Try It Kitchen Revamp (6)


When I was finished priming, I taped/covered everything except for the top of the kitchen. I knew I wanted it to mostly be white (I like the “clean” look) but I wanted punches of color. So I got this paint for the “roof”:

Try It Kitchen Revamp (1)

The name is Gum Drop! How cute is that?! I also got some pink paint called “Ballet Shoes” for the “oven” door. I put two coats of each color on each area and let those dry for about a day or two.


Try It Kitchen Revamp (8)


After the paint dried, it was time to add some finishing touches. Because the paint covered some of those hard-to-remove stickers, I decided to use jewels I bought at Dollar Tree to add a little bling. When I was at Michael’s, I found some awesome rhinestone adhesive ribbon that I used to edge some areas. I added those stick on hooks and my mom crocheted little potholders!

I also bought some decorative duct tape and placed it on the table as a “table cover”. My dad cut some wire coils down and I used those as the grills for the stove top and he also cut some plastic so I could replace the oven door. (I used a silicone I found at Wal-Mart to apply the coils and the plastic sheeting. It worked great!)

And now–drum-roll, please–is the finished kitchen:

Try It Kitchen Revamp (2)


Try It Kitchen Revamp (3)

Try It Kitchen Revamp (4)


Try It Kitchen Revamp (5)


As you can see, Huff the Tot LURVES it! She has been playing with it and “making cakes” like a little baker! This was such a fun project! I’ve looked online and in stores and these kitchen usually run around $70.00. Mine cost $28.98! AND I was able to match it to fit the colors of Hermione’s room as well as reuse something that would’ve ended up in a landfill!


Have you ever done a revamp like this? How did it go? What did you use? Share in the comments below!




Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday3


Y’all, I don’t know if its the pregnancy hormones or what, but I have been feeling extreme Mommy Guilt lately. I’ve been so tired lately that a lot of the responsibilities have been shifted to Huff the Hubs. I’ve been napping A LOT (when I can, that is) and missing out on fun little moments with my little family. I feel like such a slug. But I’m also so exhausted from my normal duties (work, taking care of a house that is still full of boxes) as well as you know, growing a human, that I get wore out FAST.

Mommy Monday Mommy Guilt Tired

I know that now that I’m in the second trimester, I should get my energy back, but I’m starting to think I’m going to feel this way for a while.

I feel guilty that I can’t do as much as I once could. I feel guilty that we aren’t doing more stuff with Huff the Tot while she’s still our “Only”. I feel guilty that I haven’t unpacked the house, hung stuff on the walls, got the nursery ready, or spent more quality time with Huff the Hubs.

Mommy Monday Mommy Guilt Napping

I feel guilty that I have to work. I feel guilty when I drop my kid off at the sitter’s (even though the sitter is my aunt and grandmother). I feel guilty that I’m not more in touch with my friends and their lives.

Mommy Monday Mommy Guilt Crying

I feel guilty that I forget to take my prenatal vitamin some nights and my baby will suffer because s/he isn’t getting enough nutrients. I feel guilty that I’m not working out as much as I used to.


Will this guilt ever end?!

Mommy Monday Mommy Guilt Guilty


I really hope it does. Because IT. IS. EXHAUSTING.

Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday Mario Badge


Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Friday! WOO! I am so glad that the weekend is FINALLY here! Oh wait, I’m a mom. I don’t get weekends. C’est la vie! But at least I found some kick-a nerdy nifties to make my geek heart glad!


This week, the Avengers: Age of Ultron gag reel was released online. I love watching these! It makes my heart happy to see my favorite super heroes screwing up their lines and being silly!


And speaking of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, two of our favorite Avengers made an appearance at Salt Lake City’s Comic Con this past week and were part of a very sweet surprise:

Fan Girl Friday Captain America Proposal

The girl in the photo, Kelsey Jenkins, was just as surprised as Chris Evans and Hailey Atwell at her boyfriend’s proposal! Actually, I think Hailey’s reaction shows that she was the most surprised, lol! Click here for more of the cute cosplayer’s story!


I’m on a Marvel roll right now, y’all! Might as well keep it going, huh? We got an awesome sneak peek this week for Netflix’s original series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones hitting the subscription service in late November! Check it out:

This girl looks like a total BAMF and I cannot wait to watch her kick butt and take names! Well, that and the fact that David Tennant will also be starring *swoon*.


Need a low-key, yet stylish costume for Halloween? Then look no further than this adorable Black Widow dress from ThinkGeek!

Fan Girl Friday iohq_black_widow_long_sleeve_dress



Happy fangirling!

Try It Wednesday

try it carpenter

Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday. I was an editing machine/was taking care of a very needy toddler. But I am here today with a very fun–and easy–Try It!

We moved into our new home about 2 weeks ago. There are still boxes EVERYWHERE and pictures have yet to be hung up on the walls. BUT, most of the rooms are functional and that’s really all I can ask for at this point.

I wanted Huff the Tots room to be cute and whimsical. I knew I wanted a little reading corner because, much like her namesake, the girl loves books. I got some PINspiration and decided to make a float canopy for her reading area.

Here’s what I used:


~Embroidery hoop

~2 sheer curtains

~White ribbon

~Wall hook

That’s it!


First, you’ve got to separate the two hoops. Then, tie some ribbon to the inner hoop. This will be how you hang the canopy from the ceiling, so make sure to measure your ribbon!



Then, take the outer hoop and remove the dilly-ma-bob so you can thread the curtain through the hoop:



Then, thread your curtain(s):



Be sure to keep the tags of the curtains on the inside of the hoop. If not, you’ll get frustrated and have to re-do it. Like I did.

When you’ve finished placing the curtains on the larger hoop, place the smaller hoop inside and screw the dilly-ma-bob back on. Be sure that the inner hoop is secure or else the canopy will fall and you will cuss. Like I did.



After that, hang it up and enjoy!



Like I said, not everything is hung up on the walls quite yet, but you get the jist! This was, by far, the EASIEST “DIY” I’ve EVER done. And I’m pretty pleased with the results!



Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday2


Y’all, this whole “being-pregnant-while-chasing-a-toddler-and-moving-into-a-new-house-while-your-husband-starts-grad-school” thing is reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyy exhausting.


mommy monday tired jim

Don’t get me wrong, I totally see how my body is doing something incredibly amazing right now, growing a human and all. (I also read one of the reasons I’m so tired is because I’m also growing the placenta. And the placenta doesn’t really take over until the second trimester. Gah, placenta, do your freaking job! Why do I have to do EVERYTHING?!)

But dang, guys. I’m so freaking tired. I’ve been trying to keep up my workout schedule, thinking that it would give me more energy. Boy was I wrong.

I’ve been limiting myself to one Diet Dr. Pepper a day (okay, so its a Big Gulp. Bite me.) but it really isn’t helping.

Mommy Monday Caffeine Patch

So, I’m sending up the Batsignal.

This is one of those rare moments when I’m actually asking for advice.

mommy monday help a brotha


How did you keep your energy up/get shiz done while you were preggars (whether or not you were chasing a toddler–or many)? I know its only been two years and some change since I had Huff the Tot, but I can’t remember how I was able to get things accomplished while feeling like someone slipped me a mickey.

While you think about it, I’m going to go take a nap.