Try It Tuesday (or, Pinterest Hoarding)

Pinterest is one of my not-so-new obsessions. I spend the time and energy I would have used doing something useful on Facebook to pin ideas for decorating a home I do not have and finding fun crafts to do with children yet to be conceived.

One day, during one of my “I’ll-just-see-what’s-trending-on-Pinterest” checks (which turned into an hour and a half long session of drooling over thousands of recipes made with canned pumpkin) I came across this:

Which at first made me laugh, but then as I looked at my activity on Pinterest I realized I’m just as bad as the people on TLC’s Hoarders. I’m just waiting for the camera crew to bust through my door and make me delete the 2,000+ memes on my Nerd-Vana board. (“But I NEED these funny mash-ups of Sherlock/Doctor Who!”; HAVE to be able to find this picture of Tom Hiddleston with Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield when I need it!”; “One does not simply delete all their memes on Pinterest! Boromir says so!”)

So, in an effort to not be like the woman with three boxes of model horses, I’ve decided to actually try the things I’ve pinned (sans memes)! Granted some stuff I can’t do, like use aluminum foil to cover the sink while I repaint the bathroom or find out if my baby really can read at 4 months. But the other stuff—basically anything to do with food, because, let’s face it, eating is my favorite pastime—I can do! So, from now on, every Tuesday will officially be Try it Tuesday! I’ll try making recipes, crafts, and random fun things I see during my many hours of Pinterest searching.

I’ve had a few hits and misses in the past (thankfully I didn’t have a blog then) but I’m bound and determined to try just about everything I’ve pinned. I’m sure not all of my endeavors will go perfectly, which will provide entertainment for all of you (and, as soon as I’m done crying in the corner, me as well).

So, on that note, I will leave you with a photo of me after a Pinterest WIN. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first time I (successfully) made bread:

“In a kitchen far, far away…”

For those of you that are my friends on Facebook, you probably saw this after the evening I spent baking two horribly disgusting loaves of bread. One of which, Huff the Hubs actually ate. It was a sad sight though. You know how in the cartoons, one of the characters will eat something and it keeps its shape perfectly as it goes down their throat?


What about you? Have you ever had a Pinterest fail? Win? Come on, you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone.

2 thoughts on “Try It Tuesday (or, Pinterest Hoarding)

  1. I’ve had wins and fails. ACTUALLY, I am trying out a pinterest find right now. Okay that’s not true. I’m trying a blog recipe that I pinned. Does that count? Anyway, that’s not what I’m going to comment on. Um, YOUR APRON. is. ridiculous.

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