Lookin’ For Love in all the Wrong Places

Why is finding a literary agent so frakking hard?

When I wrote my first book, I thought: Agents will be bending over backwards to get my book in their hands! This is great writing! I’m awesome! Nobody else in the entire world is thinking about publishing a book! Right?

Ah, the naivety of youth.

I searched for about a year when I finally decided to give up on the whole agent thing and try self-publishing. Again, how naïve I was. I thought it’d be simple and I’d be lining up book signings at Barnes and Noble every other week. Little did I know that promoting a self-published book is like having a full-time job; a full-time job in which you sometimes have to fork over cash to see results. And, at the time, I was a new graduate with an almost useless degree*, working somewhere that had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I wanted as my career or near the payscale I had dreamed of. (*My degree is in Journalism. During my last semester of college, my professors thought the best “go spread your wings speech” was to tell us that newspapers are losing money like its going out of style, and people were being laid off by the thousands. Greeeaattt…)

Needless to say, I saw that book and my hopes of becoming a well-known author get smashed like an armadillo on I-35.

Fast forward four years.

I’m now twenty-seven and, as I creep closer to thirty, I’ve started thinking about all the things I want to do before the responsibilities of motherhood or general lack of time gets a hold of me.

I started working on a project that I had put down several years ago. Like a bully, I told myself I’d never be able to amount to anything with my writing and nobody really cared. I was such a jerk to myself; I was my own Regina George.

But now, I’m ready.

(*cue Christina Aguilera’s Fighter)

I’ve been working hard on my book AND I’ve got a developmental editor friend in the wings, ready to be the Robin to my Batman and help me figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. I cannot wait to see what we come up with and how the story I’ve held onto for so long, molds and takes shape.

I’ve also decided to be more aggressive with literary agents. A part of me wants to resubmit to the agents that rejected me years ago now that I have a new name (this six foot hunky Trekker thought he could handle my crazy, and I decided to NEVER let him go). But I somewhat equate that with getting rejected for a loan and then donning a fake mustache and returning to the same lender. You don’t remember me, right? Nudge, nudge; wink, wink.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to keep writing and keep hitting the proverbial pavement. And, hopefully, I’ll get that one “Yes” that I need…. Preferably before I’m fifty. In the meantime, I’ll be posting excerpts every now and then from my book and other projects I’m working on. So get ready world, I’m about to take you by storm!

5 thoughts on “Lookin’ For Love in all the Wrong Places

  1. If you start writing children’s books, you can come be a presenter at the OTA/Encyclomedia conference and I can say…I knew her when!

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