Why Telecommuting Is Awesome

I don’t have to tell you that working from home is basically the best thing since the invention of the Snuggie®. And, thankfully, given the nature of my job, I get to work from home Tuesday through Friday. So, for all those people that have to schlep to work everyday, I will now rub your nose all up in my awesomeness.

“Why is telecommuting so great?” you ask? Well, I’ll tell you:

1. I don’t have to shower everyday.

Do you know how liberating it is to know that you can wake up five minutes before you have to “be at work” and not give a flying flip how you look—or smell for that matter? Nobody’s going to see me (except Huff the Hubs, and let’s face it—he’s legally obligated to love me no matter what. Says so on our marriage license.)

2. I don’t have to wear pants.

That’s right. I could be typing this in my underwear for all you know! (I’m not. But I am wearing a very dowdy nightgown. Which, when I showed it to Huff the Hubs he replied with, “Aw, that’s a cute dress.” Sigh, men.)

3. I can pop in the DVD of my favorite television show and listen to it while I work.

I can honestly say that Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, and the gang make my day a lot more fun—and educational—than sitting in a silent office all day.

4. I can pig out on weird foods without fear of judgmental looks.

Chicken nuggets and Oreos for lunch today? Okay!

A bowl of Rice Krispies topped with chocolate chips? Done!

Popcorn with shredded cheese? Holla!

5. I save money on gas.

When I would drive to and from Mustang everyday, I was burning up a little bit more than a quarter of a tank with one trip. Now, I’m saving anywhere from $25-$35 a paycheck by staying home. Which, may not sound like much, so to put it in perspective, that’s a yearly savings of up to $840! Me likey.

It sounds awesome, right? And it is! But, in an effort to be completely bipartisan (I want to set an example for others out there…Bazinga!) I will give you the dark side of telecommuting. Dun, dun, dun!

1. I don’t have to shower everyday.

It’s nice to think about not needing to shower everyday, just to be kind to smell-sensitive coworkers, but sometimes it just makes me feel like a homeless person or like I’ve given up on life.

2. I don’t have to wear pants.

By staying in my jammies four days a week, it sort of sets the bar low for when I have to leave the house. Not too long ago, I ran some errands and put on jeans, a Doctor Who shirt and some mascara. That was it. My hair hadn’t been washed in two days and was in a low, greasy ponytail. I looked in the mirror and thought: “Wow! I dressed up today!” which immediately made me think, “Wow. You have sad expectations.”

3. I’ve become a hermit.

Some days, I never leave the apartment. So when Huff the Hubs comes home and opens the front door, I hiss at the sunlight like a vampire and try to duck under the table. Other days, Hubs will ask if I want to go somewhere. Go somewhere? And leave my precious circle of comfort? Would Linus throw his blanket away? No, he wouldn’t. And I won’t either. Now give me back my Snuggie®

4. I’m a Chatty Cathy with a dose of social awkwardness.

Because I work alone 90% of the time and have become somewhat of a hermit, I’ve also become even more talkative than I used to be. Ideas come to me or funny stories may be brought to mind because of something I wrote or read that day and I have no one to share it with. So, I do what any normal person would do: I write down everything on a Post-It® note and recite everything to my husband the moment he walks in the door. What? Normal people don’t do that you say?

Like everything, telecommuting has its pros and cons. I really like my job and I like it even more now that I can do it from the comfort of my own home. Even if I am a little stinky. I’ve got to admit though, there are times I long for the camaraderie of a small office and miss chatting about nonsense. But I guess that’s what my goldfish, Gandalf, is for!

4 thoughts on “Why Telecommuting Is Awesome

  1. These are all also pros and cons for being a SAHM. “Shower? What’s that?” “You mean I have to wear something other than yoga pants and a tank top when I leave the house?” “I don’t want to get out today. Do you have any idea what it takes to load up 2 toddlers and all their stuff?” And as for Social Awkwardness, isn’t that what Facebook & Twitter are for?

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