Try It Tuesday: Nail Art

Lately, I’ve really been getting into nail art. I blame it on free time, Pinterest, and 99¢ nail polish at Wal-Mart. Nail art is really the first “artsy” thing that I’ve ever really been good at, so after my first few attempts were successful, I sort of just ran with it. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll see that I’m constantly pinning ideas for my nails.

I’m really glad its October now, because I can try all of the really cool Halloween themed nails! So for Today’s Try It Tuesday, I’m going to try candy corn nails! Here is the original pin:


Evidently, the clear tape isn’t going to rip off my polish. We shall see.

First, I got my colors together. I’m using Wet ‘n Wild’s Wild Shine in Sunny Side Up, Sally Hansen’s XTreme Wear in White On, and NYC’s In A New York Minute Quick Dry in Lexington Yellow.

Then I filed my nails to get rid of ridges and put on a clear base coat. After that dried, I started on the base color coat with Sunny Side Up. I had to do two coats to get it at the shade I wanted.

After my nails dried, I cut the tape strips for each of my nails. It was difficult; between the cutting and the stickiness and the swearing when the tape got stuck to my nails (causing me to do another coat) I was ready to stop. But I got them all cut out and placed on my nails.

Next, I did the white and yellow coats. The Sally Hansen polish was super thick so I only needed to do one coat.

No, I wasn’t drinking when I did this. You just can’t see the clear tape. I’m not THAT bad at painting nails.

And then I waited for my nails to dry.

And waited.

And had to pee.

So I waited with crossed legs.

FINALLY, my nails dried. I took the tape off {insert voice of Wesley from The Princess Bride} “gently” and put on a top coat.

So I waited a while longer for my nails to dry and watched videos of baby penguins.

And then, ta-da! Candy corn nails!

Candy Corn nails! Nom, nom, nom.

Some notes: the tape did pull off some of my polish. I had to fill it in very carefully after I took the tape off. My advice? Use the absolute cheapest clear tape you can (I’m talkin’ Dollar Tree tape). It will still create that barrier you need without pulling the polish off. You can also try painter’s tape, but it may take a while to cut it down to the size you want and you could waste a lot of tape. My other tip? Cut the tape before you paint your nails. Yeah. Very annoying when the tape gets stuck on your freshly polished nails and you have to repaint them. Twice.

4 thoughts on “Try It Tuesday: Nail Art

  1. Tips…….
    Wait for your base color to dry then tape it off and when the next color is still wet pull the tape off wait for that to dry repeat….
    Also quick dry topcoat is your friend, come see me I have a small pile of Polish to get rid of and I have some quick dry topcoat to spare. Nails look great!

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