Meme Monday

Memes are basically the greatest thing since the snarky, sarcastic Someecards hit the web. One of my favorite memes (besides Boromir’s “One does not simply…”) is the Ermahgerd meme.

For those of you that don’t know the back-story, here’s the original meme:

Mah fervert berks!

Are you laughing yet? I seriously almost peed my pants the first time I saw this. Somebody really loves Goosebumps. And who wouldn’t?! Those fear-inducing books with their cleverly written stories were great for those of us not allowed to watch Tales from the Crypt!  

So, after this awesomely awkward meme hit the web, it naturally spawned a bunch of spin-offs. And, thanks to the eclectic tastes of those on the Net, there’s an Ermahgerd for everyone!

For the Whovian:

Dercter Wher!

For the action star:


For the film buffs:

Kert Wernslet!

The animal lovers:

And music aficionados:

Seriously, if you’re cheeks are not sore from laughing or your pants are still dry, then you are dead inside.

(Sidebar: Evidently, the Ermahgerd girl saw herself on the Gersbermps meme and went to the interwebs to tell everyone she is real and she is pretty.)

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