Try It Tuesday — Pumpkin Doughnuts

Ah, fall. The genesis of the downhill slope that sends us crashing into mountains of candy on Halloween; tables upon tables of stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving; and then gently shoves us into a sugar coma with Christmas cookies and egg nog. I for one, cannot wait for all the yummy goodies to start piling in (although my thighs are a little wary of how’ll they’ll fit into my skinny jeans come January 1st).

But, in the spirit of fall and the influx of food, I decided to do some baking for this week’s Try It Tuesday. (And…I need to be honest. This is technically a Try It Sunday because I baked these this weekend. BUT, there is still one left and it is eyeballing me like CRAZY. You’re about to see why…)

Whilst scopin’ out things on Pinterest, I found a recipe for Baked Pumpkin Doughnutes with Maple Cinammon glaze. Is your mouth watering yet? Here’s the picture:

Nom, nom, nom

After one glance at the picture, I KNEW I had to make these or my life would be an empty black hole. So I clicked the link and headed on over to Taste and Tell . I gathered all my ingredients and then lamented the fact that I didn’t have a doughnut pan.

Thankfully, Target had ONE left. (And honestly, you could very well use a whoopie pie pan if you have one. Which, I do, but I think making “doughnuts” without the hole in the middle is a slap in the face to the dougnut gods, Krispy Kreme and Winchell’s.)

I didn’t get a picture of each stage in the process, since my hands were sticky and messy. Yes, I could have had Huff the Hubs take a picture, but I’m a control freak and I don’t like anyone in the kitchen with me while I’m cooking. I’m like Monica Gellar that way.

Anyway, I followed the recipe and let the doughnuts bake for about 10 minutes. Then, I let them cool:

Krispy Kreme, Schmispy Kreme…

While they cooled, I whisked the maple cinammon glaze together. And OMG… it. smelled. GLORIOUS. About 5 minutes after the doughnuts cooled, I drizzled some glaze on the doughnuts. (The original recipe says to dunk them, but I was afraid that’d be too much sugar, so I just drizzled. If you’ve got a major sweet tooth, dunk away!) And then, voila! Yummy doughnuts for a fall morning!

This doughnut was eaten in ten seconds.

The recipe made about 10 doughnuts. And yes, I had more than one. They were especially tasty after being dipped in my coffee. Just a tip.

Have you tried any pumpkin recipes yet?

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