Read. Or Else.

Books are magical. They show us things we may never have seen before. They take us on amazing journeys to far off lands, or even just outside our front door. As an avid reader, it’s sometimes hard to describe this to someone who “doesn’t like to read.”

Doesn’t like to read?!

That’s like saying you don’t like food, or air, or sunshine! A person can’t live without reading! When I hear that, it makes me so sad. I can’t imagine my life without my favorite characters…

As a child, I understood the plight of Ramona Quimby; the girl that wanted to blend in while still holding on to her individuality. Though I never did dye a neighbor boy’s hair blue, I did pray everyday for weeks that I could be black, so I could wear the neat clips that the others girls wore. As a teen, I cried with Landon when he found out Jamie had leukemia, and wept just as much when Ricky’s little dog, Kitty, was hit by a truck.

As a young adult, I held Elizabeth Bennett’s hand as she mourned the loss of her beloved Darcy, because her own silly pride had clouded her judgment. Then I rejoiced with her when he came to her home, professing his undying love.

Interspersed in there, I cheered on Harry as he found the Stone, entered the Chamber, pardoned the Prisoner, won the Goblet, was inducted into the Order, fought the Prince, and gathered the Hallows.

I slept with the light on when I travelled to Transylvania with Jonathan Harker and prayed that he’d find out what the Count was really up to. I winced as Alex goolied about with his droogs and viddied things unspeakable.

I spoke in hushed tones to Winston as he tried to circumvent Big Brother. I rolled my eyes at Heathcliff and Catherine’s stubbornness. I clapped at the Old Bailey when Fagin got his comeuppance, and I wept with Jane when she found her Mr. Rochester blind and homeless, but still very much in love.

I held my breath as Katniss and Peeta put the nightlock berries in their mouths. I’m rooting for the Tris and the revolution with the other Divergents. And, yes, I even giggled like a 13-year-old when Edward proposed to Bella.

All of these characters have molded me into the person I am today, just as if they were living and breathing. They have made me look at things in a perspective I may have never seen without them. But most importantly, they kept me wanting more. Because of them I had devour more precious books so I could see what other adventures I could have! Reading is beautiful. Reading is essential.

And, if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll listen to this…

There you have it.

If you’re not much of a reader, but would liek to get started, check out my list on Goodreads!

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