Creative Cursing

I’m a fan of many things. Two important ones are: words and creativity. I especially love these two things when they are used to form new ways of creative cursing.

I’m saying I’m a fan of cursing, but I also understand its use when telling stories so you accurately portray the characters in their situations and lives. For example, in popular movies and books, sometimes swearing is necessary to tell the story.

If Michael Corleone had told the Tattaglias, “Please stay away from my father, good sir. And you shall not touch a hair on Luco Brasi’s hair, lest you sleep with the fishes as well,” then the film would have lost much of its grit and heart. To make a film like Goodfellas, American History X, or The Departed without the swearing doesn’t truly convey the culture surrounding those films.

On that same coin, swearing for the sake of swearing is poor taste, gives an uneducated aura, and is more annoying that anything.

But, creative cursing is just awesome. Just ask Liz Lemon:

Or the furry animals in Fantastic Mr. Fox:

Or even the kids from the Saturday morning cartoon, Recess:


(Sidebar: I have to say that the idea for this blog post came to me on a recent shopping trip with my sister. We saw this book and CRACKED up. I dare you not to laugh.)

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