Call The Midwife (Or, my Downton Abbey Substitute)

With Downton Abbey over and the new season not starting until January 6th (I really hope those Mayans aren’t right about the whole world ending thing. I’d hate to miss the premiere), I’ve been looking for a show to quench my thirst for something British.

True, Sherlock has been commissioned for a third season, but no premiere date has been released.

Doctor Who started in September, but has already taken a mid-season break. He won’t be back until the Christmas special!

What to do? What to do? {Nervously paces and sips Earl Grey}

Wait, what’s that you say, PBS? You’ve got something else for me? And it’s about babies too?!

Yes, from the station that brought you The Vicar of Dibley, Upstairs/Downstairs, and Are You Being Served, PBS has imported a new show bound to make you an anglophile.

Call the Midwife is the story of a young nurse-turned-midwife, Jennifer Lee working in the poor, East End of London in the 1950’s. It’s a semi-coming-of-age tale, as Jennifer has never worked in the slums where women have multiple babies very close together (in the second episode, one woman has 24 children! YOWZA. Not all at once, mind you. She’s not a cat.) Jennifer lives in a convent with two other nurses (though none are nuns) and work round the clock bringing babies into the world. In the third episode, they have a new girl, lovingly referred to as “Chummy” who adds some cheek and geek to the gaggle of girls.

“Jenny Lee” can sometimes be a bit annoying, getting freaked out by some bugs at a patient’s home. But she redeems herself when her heart is warmed by those less fortunate, and sees that the women of the slums truly are the heriones in this tale.

Fair warning: the show is a drama. And by the second half of the first episode, you WILL cry like your entire family has just been hit by a bus. Seriously. And if you don’t, then you’re dead inside and I pity you.

I watched all four episodes (which are on PBS’s website, so there’s no excuse for not being caught up) the other day and by the end of the last one; I was in serious need of a straight jacket or Xanax. Out of both, I decided to just talk to some food about it.

But seriously, you’ve GOT to check this show out. If you love the Brits as much as I do, you’ll definitely go barmy for the birds and blokes on Call the Midwife. And I’m not just taking the mickey out of you.

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