In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…In Orlando.

By now, I’m sure everyone’s heard the BIG news about Disney buying George Lucas’ Lucasfilm Company (and, by default, the Star Wars franchise). Disney reps also confirm that they will be making another film, slated to hit the big screen in 2015.

At first I pulled a Luke Skywalker and was all, “Nooooooo!” but then, after I thought about it, I think this is a good idea.

First, let’s take a look at the Star Wars films. The original three (AKA, the best ones) were so magnificently awesome. Then, George Lucas decided to poop on everyone’s parade and make three prequels that, in comparison, sucked the big hairy ewok. Then, he went back and added ridiculous CGI animations to the original three, making purists cringe whenever the weird-singing chick showed up in Jabba’s Dance Party. I’m hoping that Disney has enough sense to put an end to that. Or at least have Pixar add in Wall-E.

Second, Disney also owns Indiana Jones. When I was in kindergarten and my family and I went to Disney World, I LOVED the Indiana Jones Experience. It was so cool! And they kept it exactly like the movie. No new bangs or whistles; just pure and simple Indy. (Plus, it made a cameo in a Full House episode. Remember that?)

Yesterday, my brother-in-law also brought up a good point: Disney bought Marvel and they made the Avengers. And, let’s face it. That movie was, in British Hulk’s terms, SMASHING.

And finally, I’m glad for the whole purchase because it has spawned many an internet meme.

Just a normal sunset on Tat-TOON-ine.

That’s no gift shop.

“Makes no difference who you are. You’ll still get blown up like Alderaan…”

Anakin could’ve used some of Mickey’s acting skills in this movie.

Ackbarian niiiighhhtttsssss……

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