Let’s All Go to the Movies!

The air is getting a chill, the leaves are turning, and Halloween is over…You know what that means. Its time for awesome movies at the box office! Woot woot!

Basically, the two peak seasons for kick-a movie watching is the summer and the winter. The spring is usually filled with all the sappy/cheesy films or the gross-out college humor flicks. Summer is a great time for comic-book movies (perhaps because of a certain convention out in San Diego…?) And the winter is prime time for epic movies.

Here are the movies I am most excited to see this winter:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Go on. Laugh. Make fun. I won’t be hurt. I have to be honest here: I’m mostly excited about this so I can be done with Twilight. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the books the first time I read them, but I can only take so much of Kristen Stewart’s lip-biting and Taylor Lautner’s shirtless antics. Plus, their real-life drama is more exciting than the movies. (*Spoiler alert: I heard that there’s a Bollywood-like dance number after the credits. Get ready to squeal and giggle TwiHards.)


When Daniel Craig was first named the new 007, I was like: “Really? This guy?” But after I saw him kicking butt and taking names in Casino Royale and I was like: “OH YEAH! THIS guy!” (Nudge, nudge; wink, wink.)

Even though my heart belongs to Sean Connery, I still have some love for the Craig. Whenever I watch the trailer and see Bond climb into train being eaten by a bulldozer, and stands up to straighten his suit, I swoon.

The Hobbit

I can’t articulate how excited I am about this movie. The end of The Lord of the Rings trilogy left a hobbit-sized hole in my heart. But as soon as I saw the trailer, I leapt for joy! And holy crap, when Thorin sings, I suddenly know how Barney feels when he plays his Psyche-Up! Mix. I totally feel like I could slay a dragon or take down a few trolls when Misty Mountains starts to play. Not only that, but my favorite Watson is Bilbo AND Sherlock is going to be Smaug! My Fan Girl heart cannot take it!

Les Miserables

I don’t know what it is with this song, but when Susan Boyle or Anne Hathaway sings it, I get chills and weep. I’ve seen Les Mis the movie (i.e., no singing) so I cannot wait for the musical on the big screen! It has my favorite Catwoman, Wolverine, AND the big-eyed girl from Mamma Mia!

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