Weird News

One of the perks of working from home is that I’m able to the keep the TV/radio turned on so I can hear the news stories of the day in a continuous loop. (Seriously. After about an hour and a half, I’ve already heard every story twice.)

That means I also get to see stories that make me chuckle or, in one case, shoot water out my nose.

Here are some of today’s noteworthy news-makers:


1. The Target Pranksters

The boys over at Prank vs. Prank decided to join in on the Black Friday craziness by confusing shoppers. They wore Target’s signature red shirt and khaki pant uniforms, and then pretended to be employees. Observe the shenanigans:


2. Dog Imitates Baby

This video was on a constant loop this morning on the Today Show. Kathie Lee and Hoda cracked up about it. Honestly, yeah, a dog imitating a baby is cute…but after the first 30 seconds I’m ready to say: “Shut your pie holes!

I don’t like noise.


3.  The Tale of the Lost Kangaroo

Yesterday whilst running errands, I was listing to NPR. After the world news, the host turned it over to the local chapter. I wish I had a DVR for my radio so I could record what the local anchor said and rewind it about a million times. As I heard the words that came out of her mouth, water literally came out my nose:

“A local Shawnee family is concerned for their escaped pet kangaroo. The kangaroo, known as Lucy Sparkles, escaped Thanksgiving morning after being spooked by visiting family members. The family says Sparkles is fairly docile and enjoys Cheetos….”


What’s a kangaroo doing in Oklahoma? And why did the woman on the radio feel the need to describe the kangaroo as looking like “a giant rabbit that hops on two legs”? I’m pretty sure we all know what a kangaroo looks like.

(Sidebar: I love that her name is Lucy Sparkles. Makes me think of another Sparkles. I wonder if Lucy is a pop-star back in her native Australia and came to Oklahoma to live “the simple life”? )



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