Try It Tuesday

It feels like ages since I’ve done a Try It Tuesday post! When you come back from vacation, it’s like you’ve been gone for months. But, thankfully, I’m back and ready to test out my Pinterest finds!

The first Try It looked simple enough—that’s why I chose it! If you’re like me (AKA, crazy-organized and OCD) then you’ve got a whiteboard handing in your kitchen with the week’s plans written on it. (Wait, you’re not like that? Its just me? Hmm…) If you’re also like me, you hate it when you can see plans from weeks ago, still stained on the whiteboard (I know there’s teachers out there giving me a “Hallelujah!”)

So when I came across this pin:

Yes it does!

Yes it does!

I got really excited. Probably more excited than I should’ve been.

I decided to test it out. According to the pin, all you needed to do was spray air freshener on your white board and the past stains would magically erase.

Here’s my before shot:



And here’s the after:

So fresh and so clean, clean.

So fresh and so clean, clean.

It works! Not only that, but it left my kitchen smelling like oranges! (Its so clean in fact, you can see my reflection. Yes, I’m in jammies.)


*Since I was gone last week, you’re getting a two-for!*


I haven’t really “done” my nails (AKA, nail art) in a while and I really wanted to start trying some of the Christmas-y art that I’ve seen floating around the interwebs. This one looked easier than most, so I thought I’d try it.

Here’s the original pin:

Ho, ho, ho!

Ho, ho, ho!

I used Sally Hansen in Cardinal and White Out, as well as Pure Ice Glitter, and a black striping polish:

Santa Nail Tools


I did a coat of red first and let it dry thoroughly. Then I did my black striping (which was tedious). I let that dry and then used a dotting tool and the white to make the “buckle”. When that dried I used the glitter for the clasp of the belt. Fifteen minutes later:

Mrs. Claus manicure.

Mrs. Claus manicure.

I like this so much I may do my left hand this week! Ha!

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