Try It Tues…er, Monday!

I know, I know. Its Monday, not Tuesday. But, tomorrow I will be on a plane, on my way to see my new nephew (and his siblings and parents!) in Maryland!


He was born in October and I’m JUST NOW getting to see him. I anticipate a lot of cuddling and spoiling, so I won’t have a lot of time to blog.

I cannot believe that Christmas is only a week away! I feel pretty prepared, but I just don’t really feel like its Christmastime. I guess because the weather in Oklahoma has been unseasonably warm. If you don’t feel prepared (i.e., you still have a ton of gifts to buy) I’ve got something quick and easy for you to put together!

My mom actually did this for my oldest sister when she graduated from high school, but I have seen it on Pinterest.

Here’s the original pin:

"Its some cash in a box!"

“Its some cash in a box!”

All you need is:

An empty tissue box

Wrapping paper (or, you can paint the box)





I knew I was going to make this gift for my friend’s son, so when I hit the stores the day after Halloween, I found a greasy deal on Halloween tissues. (That’s why there are skulls on it).

Anyway, I gathered up my supplies and wrapped the box:

box supplies

Honestly, it didn’t look too pretty. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but I was in a hurry.

After that, I got my cash out. The bills were a little wrinkly, so I sprayed them with water, wrapped them in a towel and placed them under a really heavy book. That flattened them out.

Then, I taped all the bills, end to end and rolled them up.

rolled money

I taped the bow to the bills and stuffed it in the box.

money in box

After I strategically placed the bow to cover up my horrendous wrapping job, I was done!

box done

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