Fan Girl Friday — Happy WHO-lidays!

Happy Friday, peeps!

It’s that time of year again: freakish accidents happening over the London sky, aliens visiting and dressing like Santa, and a blue box parked precariously in a darkened alley. That’s right. I’m talking about The Doctor Who Christmas Special! And, after much anticipation, I finally got to watch it yesterday!

"Use your inner eye to see the future!"

“Use your inner eye to see the future!”

And, as happy as I thought it would make me–seeing as how I haven’t seen DW in a few months and wanted to know how the Doctor was fairing– it actually left me with more questions than answers.

For example:

1. Why did The Doctor have a sontaran with him? 

The Doctor mentioned something like, “He saved a friend of mine.” Which friend? Where? Did I miss something? I have a horrible memory and I can’t remember some of the episodes (yet another reason why I need Doctor Who on DVD…). If anyone knows the answer to this, please tell me!

2. Why give the TARDIS the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition  treatment?

I understood why the TARDIS got a face lift when Matt Smith took over for David Tennant. It was a new doctor, they needed a new look and a new companion. At first, I didn’t like the new TARDIS, but it grew on me. This one looks like a mash-up of the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the lobby of a casino. No me gusta.

3. Why must Moffat continue to terrify me with Christmas-y things I love?

First it was robot Santas trying to kill Rose with gun-tubas, now its snowmen that look like jack-o-lanterns ready to devour the planet. Thanks, Moffat, for ruining childhood memories and inducing nightmares.

4. Is Clara/Oswin a time-lord or a zombie?

When I first saw that Jenna-Louise Coleman was going to be on the Christmas Special/be the new companion, I wasn’t surprised. The writers over at DW like to use actors more than once in different roles. (“Amy” {aka, Karen Gillan} was actually in an episode of DW with David Tennant: The Fires of Pompeii. She played a witch!) I assumed that they were using Jenna-Louise as a new character. But when she said: “I like making souffles” I knew she was Oswin! So, the question remains: what is Clara? Think she’s got some sort of “Captain Jack regeneration juice” or something?

5. Why did The Doctor not tell Clara he was married? 

Honestly, when I saw the kiss between The Doctor and Clara, I wasn’t too surprised. The Doctor’s basically kissed every companion since Rose. BUT, this is the first time that the Doctor’s been married and kissed a companion. I can’t help but think that River is going to come back and raise some Cain.

Even though I have many unresolved queries about the show (why exactly couldn’t The Doctor go back and get Rory so they could all live happily ever after?) I cannot wait for the season to start up again and see what kind of inter-galactic shenanigans The Doctor and his new companion get into next!

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