For Auld Lang Syne

Less than seven hours and we will officially be in 2013! Are you excited?! Probably not, since 2013 means falling over the inevitable fiscal cliff, and another Kardashian baby to flood the airwaves.


But alas, as I look back at 2012, I can’t help but look forward to 2013. I’m not really the type to make resolutions—mostly because when I say: “I made a New Year’s Resolution” I’ve already ruined it by January 15th. I’ve gotten more in the habit of making goals.


Here are my goals for 2013:


1. Stress less.

Those of you that know me personally are probably laughing so hard, you may need to change your pants. But yes, I am going to try and not “sweat the small stuff” so much. It definitely adds to my anxiety and I long to be one of those people that are calm.


2. Eat even healthier.

I eat pretty healthy, but I know I could do better. One of my goals is to try more fresh fruits and veggies; stuff I’ve never given a chance before. For example, I’ve never had a beet in my life! Dwight would be most upset.


3. Spend more time with the people I love.

I’m lucky in the sense that I live close to (most) of my family and many of my friends. But, I really don’t get to see them that much. I always think I’m “too busy”, but in actuality, I’m just lazy. (Hear that, friends? When I say “I can’t” badger me until I cave!)


4. Travel.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL! Huff the Hubs and I have gone on a few trips this past year, but I’d like to go to Europe. (We did go get his passport application this morning!)


5. Write more.

I’ve officially finished my second book (yippee!) so I know I can accomplish another in a year’s time!


6. Study God’s Word.

I’ve been in church my entire life. I can tell you who Noah is, what Adam and Eve ate in the garden, and who the twelve disciples were. But Bible history? Not so much. Huff the Hubs is a Bible whiz, so I’ve already got myself a tutor!


7. Finally finish my classic book list.

I have a list of 35 classics I wanted to read in 2012. I only got through 18. I’m determined to finish this list!


8. Enjoy life more.

There are so many days that I don’t even leave the apartment. I want to make myself go outside and marvel at the clouds, drink in the Oklahoma air, and bask in what a gift life is. (Watching Planet Earth on blue ray can only get you so far).


I hope you have a very happy New Year! Please be safe and drink responsibly!

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