A Few of My Favorite Things

Today as I was cleaning out old stuff to make room for Christmas presents, I realized I never showed you my favorite gifts! I’m telling ya, my friends and family did GREAT this year! (Er, I mean last year.) They really set me up for all kinds of geekery and wellness!

I’m all set for running off with The Doctor, thanks to Huff the Hubs and my sister, BB!



And, I can log my adventures, thanks to my Bestie!

"Okay, where are we?"

“Okay, where are we?”

This gift is something most people wouldn’t get excited about, but when I unwrapped it I did a happy dance!

"I'm a dehydrating maniac!"

“I’m a dehydrating maniac!”

I cannot wait to dehydrate a bunch of stuff! I promise to not go crazy like Eddie on Friends. I think I’ll post some for a Try It Tuesday!

After I dehydrate some bananas, I’ll enjoy them in front of the TV thanks to the Smiths!

Disney movies = cheaper than therapy.

Disney movies = cheaper than therapy.

I can wash down any dehydrated snacks with freshly brewed coffee or tea, because of what my in-laws got me:

No $7 coffee for me!

No $7 coffee for me!

And, I can call everyone to wish them “Happy New Year” with time-lord spirit! Look what my brother-in-law got me!

phone case

I have an iPhone case now. iPhone cases are cool.

What were some of your favorite gifts?

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