Fan Girl Friday

Hold on to your flapper dresses and teapots: Downtown Abbey starts this Sunday! I am SO excited! I’ve been waiting for this ever since last year’s Christmas special!

(My sister bought me seasons 1 and 2 on DVD for Christmas, but I haven’t had time to re-watch them. I think I know what I’m doing all weekend!)

I cannot wait to see what this season brings the Crawleys! But, before we all start listing our predictions with bad British accents, I want to look back at the past two seasons and share some of my favorite Abbey moments.

1. Daisy and William marry.

Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs.


Daisy is such a sweet, but totally naïve, girl. First, she was won over by the evil likes of Thomas (but soon came to her senses, thanks to the boisterous Mrs. Patmore). Then, she crushed hard on William. But, when he started dropping words like, “my girl” and “marry”, Daisy took a one-way trip to Freakoutville. Thankfully, William was unaware and Daisy agreed to marry William on his deathbed. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much over a television show as I did for that episode.

2. Sybil falls for the help.

"Didn't you know these white sheets are all the rage for revolutionists?"

“Didn’t you know these white sheets are all the rage for revolutionists?”


I absolutely adore Sybil and Branson’s relationship. I think Branson brings out a side of Sybil that needs to shine and Branson is encouraged by Sybil to be a better man. And, according to the Christmas special, they’re on there way to having a nice gaggle of Irish babes, ready to fight in the revolution next to their political parents. I hope we get to see their little ginger baby in season 3!

3. Mary takes a lover…and it doesn’t end well.

"I love Mr. death."

“I love Mr. Pamuk…to death.”


I was beyond shocked when Mr. Pamuk kicked it when he and Mary hooked up. Honestly, I think that Thomas (that Regina-George-in-tails) poisoned his food. Go back and watch season 1! I bet you see it too!

4. Mr. Bates and Anna FINALLY kiss!

Anna and Bates, sittin' in a tree, S-N-O-G-G-I-N-G!

Anna and Bates, sittin’ in a tree, S-N-O-G-G-I-N-G!


OMG, who else let out the biggest of fan girl squeals when Anna and Bates finally kissed?! I knew there was a spark when Mr. Bates first arrived and he and Anna met. (Sidebar: I adore the way Anna says, “Mr. Baaaates.” Its so cute!)

5. Matthew and Lady Mary are engaged!

"All the wealthy ladies, all the wealthy ladies...."

“All the wealthy ladies, all the wealthy ladies….”


Not since Ross and Rachel have I been so frustrated with the on-again/off-again romance of a fictitious couple. Now, however, I feel like I can finally breathe easy for these two. I mean, if a guy can hear about a girl’s ambassador-killin’ ways and still want to marry her, then dude’s a keeper. (Either that or he’s just as crazy.)

6. The Dowager Countess and her sarcastic ways.

Maggie Smith is a total bad-a. I want to be like her when I grow up. Not only has she fought the Dark Lord and lived to tell about it, but now she’s knocking skulls together in 1920’s England. And she. IS. AWESOME. I tell ya, I could listen to her snarky comments all day. And now that Shirley McClain is added to the mix, I can only guess that the silk gloves are coming off and the tea is about to fly!

What are your favorite Downton Abbey moments? Mrs. Hughes secret boyfriend? Mrs. Patmore getting eye surgery? O’Brien getting a taste of her own medicine? The “American cousin” coming back from the dead? Tell me in the comments below!

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