Lost Heartthrobs

The other night at dinner, I made a crack about reading the intelligent periodicals of my youth: Teen Beat, Bop, and of course, the thought-provoking Tiger Beat. Afterward, I started thinking: What happened to the guys that used to line my walls?


(Well, technically speaking most of my walls were covered in Hanson posters and I know what those guys are up to. I’m in their fan club, friended them on Facebook, and follow their tweets. But its not like I’m obsessed or anything. Honest. Sidebar: Taylor’s favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. In case you were wondering.)


I started thinking about the “top four” heartthrobs that used to garner squeals of delight from my sisters and I. I also wanted to know what in the heck happened to my boys after the 90’s and the fall of ABC’s TGIF! What, did they fall into some alternate dimension with Jaleel White and Bob Saget? WHERE ARE THEY?


1. Josh Hartnett

I didn't know Teen Beat magazines were so heavy-duty!

Sometimes I just like to sit on my dresser and think.

We all know Josh Hartnett as the soft-spoken, girlfriend stealing friend of Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. But I first saw him in Halloween: H20. And no, it wasn’t about a well-hydrated holiday. From the looks of his IMDB page, he’s been busy. Although, I doubt anyone’s seen his movies lately. What, you didn’t see Bunraku? In the land of straight-to-DVD-movies its got to be right up there with Killer Sauna.

No wonder he got Kate Beckinsale.

No wonder he got Kate Beckinsale.


2. Rider Strong

Oh that middle parted hair. *Swoon*.

Oh that middle parted hair. *Swoon*.

Rider Strong will forever be burned in my memory as the hilarious, yet slightly dim-witted friend of Corey Matthews on my favorite Friday night show, Boys Meets World. Since then, Rider has been a little quiet. (However, Rider did find time to go to college and earn a degree in English from Columbia University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Bennington College!). When rumors of a BMW re-make flooded the internet, there were also rumors that “Uncle Shawn” was not going to make an appearance. If the peeps over at ABC want this thing done right, they’ll bring back Rider!

What's up, Suave? Er, I mean Shawn?

What’s up, Suave? Er, I mean Shawn?


3. Andrew Keegan

Its a boy, its a plan, its a SUPER TEEN!

Its a boy, its a plan, its a SUPER TEEN!

Some remember Andrew as the jerk that stood up DJ on Full House. Others know him as the boyfriend of Randy Quaid’s daughter in Independence Day. And many know him as Joey Donner from 10 Things I Hate About You. Wherever we know him from, we can all agree: Andrew was smokin’ hot. I don’t know if it was the hair or the surfer-guy ‘tude, but Andrew was a staple on my MASH list. Since his stint as single teenage father on 7th Heaven ended in 2004, Andrew has done some work here and there, but has pretty much fallen off the radar. But, one things for sure. Dude still looks good!

Anyone else think he's got an Orlando Bloom look?

Anyone else think he’s got an Orlando Bloom look?


4. Erik Von Detten

Kids, in the 90's, we all washed our hair with olive oil.

Kids, in the 90’s, we all washed our hair with olive oil.

Back when the Disney Channel was awesome and made a “movie of the month” each month, I longed for the weekends when they’d show Brink. What, you don’t know about Brink? Let me educate you. Brink was a kid who loved to skate because of how it made him feel. However his nemesis (think Draco Malfoy in roller blades) was skating just because he made money off of it. Insert cheesy dialogue, a few predictable plot twists, and an overly-critical father and you’ve got the greatest Disney Channel movie EVER. Seriously. I’ve still got it recorded on VHS. You can totes borrow it. Anyway, since then, Erik’s done some work here and there (did you know he’s the voice of Sid in Toy Story?!), courting the Princess of Genovia and winning Celebrity Mole: Hawaii. Since 2010, he’s been a little M.I.A. Hopefully he hasn’t gone the way of Sid and is now a garbage man.

I'm a soul skater!

I’m a soul skater!


Any heartthrobs you wish would make a come back?

11 thoughts on “Lost Heartthrobs

  1. Conspicuously absent: Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Matt Lawrence. Did nobody else always fall for the middle brother? Because I did.

    Also, I would like to note that the skating in Brink was rollerblading, not riding a skateboard. I think that ups the cool factor considerably. My sister and I still quote Brink in pretty much every conversation we have. “Skate better!” we will say to each other any time we need encouragement.

  2. I love this! Thank goodness there are others out there who readily admitt to these things. I was hot for the middle child, went to see Lion King for my 10th birthday just to hear JTT’s sultry voice (and still know the entire script off by heart). I was a Zac Hanson girl personally and now follow them FB, Instagram and on their site. I get a great deal of mocking for it still but what Ive noticed is that once a Hanson fan always a Hanson fan 🙂

    Who was that kid that played the Rookie Baseball player? He was the pitcher with weird arm and kissed the girl in the boat. I liked him too.

    And Devon Sawa especially in Caspar.

    And the kid who played Zeke in a TV Show called Birds Of Paradise with a teen Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Hahaha, great memories.

    • Ha ha ha! A girl after my own heart! I remember the first time I saw “Casper” I could not wait for my sister and her friend to see it. We went to the movies and she said, “When is this hot guy going to show up?” and then he walked down the stairs and I thought she was going to faint. It. Was. AWESOME.

      • Ahaha! That makes so much sense! American Pie became the go-to end of school movie and Rookie was the little itty bitty pre-teen movie, it all adds up nicely for them. Thanks for reminding me who he is!

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