Run Like the Wind!

One of my goals this year is to be involved in local races and runs. In the past, I’ve done two half marathons, a handful of 5Ks, and a fun run or two. I always enjoy running in events. I like training for them because it gives me a goal. I’m the type of person that, if I don’t have a project to focus on, I go a little stir crazy and get lazy. This is especially true for me when it comes to fitness. So if I know I’m going to be surrounded by a bunch of elite runners, I like to be prepared.


This April, me, my sister, Huff the Hubs, my brother-in-law, and a friend are doing the OKC Memorial Marathon Relay. I’m super stoked because another goal I have is to get a medal from each even in the Memorial Marathon. I have one for the Fun Run, the 5K, and two half marathon medals. All I need is the relay medal and the full marathon medal. Next year, I’m going to do the full. Yeah, its happening.


Anyway, while putting together a training schedule today for the relay, I decided to find some more races around here (many of the races I found are “traveling races” and go to different states). And cheese and rice, there are A LOT of races out there! Here are the ones I thought would be the most fun:


The Glow Run

Let's get glowing!

Let’s get glowing!

I’ve never ran a night race, but this one looks AWESOME! Everyone is encouraged to wear glowing attire and they even have contests for the best “Glow Man” and “Glow Gal” and a Glow Worm Dance Competition. How fun is that?


The Hungry Man

Eat. Run. Eat some more.

Eat. Run. Eat some more.

Like to run? Like to eat? Then this race is for you! According to the website, this event “challenges the savviest runners and fiercest of eaters”. This 10K race is split into four legs and each runner will have to eat a pre-determined amount of food. To me, it sounds a little like The Amazing Race mixed with Fear Factor. What if you don’t like what they serve or you’re allergic to it? Or worse, what if you totally vom? Races like this always have those sneaky photographers throughout the race. Nobody wants a picture of themselves running and puking up a burrito. Its for a good cause those. All proceeds go to the Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO). It’s a faith based program that helps the homeless with places to live and education.


The Warrior Dash

Men, men, men, men, manly men.

Men, men, men, men, manly men.

About two years ago, Huff the Hubs and some of his buddies did this race. You could literally feel the excitement and see the testosterone wafting in the air. This race is a gauntlet. You go through 3.11 miles of climbing over walls, maneuvering through stacked cars, balancing on a rope bridge, and topped off by jumping over a fire pit. Running at its mightiest.


The Color Run

Don't be so vanilla.

Add some color to your run!

This run is less about athleticism and more about having fun whilst getting splattered with paint. It’s a 5K full of Technicolor and excitement. Proceeds benefit the preservation of local parks. I’ve never run this race before, but I’ve seen many pictures on my friends’ Facebook pages to be sad I missed it. I’m thinking I need to get my sister and I signed up!


The Disney Princess Half Marathon

Eat my fairy dust, Tinkerbell!

Eat my fairy dust, Tinkerbell!

I know this isn’t local per say, seeing as how its held in Florida, but I have always wanted to do this race! It looks like so much fun! Its not just a half marathon, there’s also a 5K and a kid’s run. Who wouldn’t want to literally run around the happiest place on Earth?! Plus, the medals are SUPER cute! And, after you finish the race, you get to walk around the park for FREE! But if you’ve just run a half marathon, all you want to do is drink, eat a bagel, and sit down. Trust me.


What about you? Are you doing any races this year?

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