Try It Tuesday

While perusing Pinterest, I found some cool nail art:

The Silence...or Robert Downey Jr.'s alter-ego?

The Silence…or Robert Downey Jr.’s alter-ego?


This is supposed to be The Silence from Doctor Who. However, I thought it looked more like Iron Man, so I thought I’d try it and say they were Iron Man nails.


For this nail art project, I only needed two different colors: Rimmel 60 Second polish in Sunny Days and Red, Steady, Go.



First, I painted three coats of Sunny Days and then painted the red areas to Iron Man’s helmet.

I am Iron Man. Almost.

I am Iron Man. Almost.


Then, I used my dotting tool to make the eyes. I did the mouth part of on my thumb nail but I didn’t like the outcome (I don’t really like the outcome of any of them, truth be told.)




I guess that’s what happens when you try to do intricate work the day after you’ve been a little sickly. Oh well, there are many more try it Tuesdays to come!



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