TV Is a Web of Lies!

Since I work from home, you’ve heard me say that I tend to listen to DVDs of my favorite sitcoms during the day. As I was working this afternoon, I looked up to laugh at the silliness of Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler. Then I started thinking: these people live in Pasadena and go out to eat almost every single night. Plus, Leonard and the guys spend a lot of dough on sci-fi memorabilia and Penny is almost always talking about new shoes she’s bought. Which made me wonder…


How can their characters afford this style of living?


"We may have to sell these Batman comic books if I want to go to Comic Con this year."

“We may have to sell these Batman comic books if I want to go to Comic Con this year.”

Come to think of it, I often wondered the same thing about Friends. Monica and Rachel lived in a really spacious apartment in New York City. Rachel was a waitress for a few years and, let’s face it, probably didn’t make the best money because every time she was on the clock, she was talking with her friends or listening to Phoebe sing. Also, Monica was unemployed for quite a few episodes and so was Joey! Phoebe had to make minor coin massaging and singing in subway tunnels. The only people that probably made good money were Chandler and Ross.


How I Met Your Mother is sort of a different story. Marshall’s a lawyer, Lily’s a teacher, Robin’s on a network news station, Ted’s an architect, and Barney….well, Barney’s a lot like Chandler; I’m not sure what he does.


Even the girls on Two Broke Girls have a pretty big apartment! The only show that really exhibits truth in its characters financial means would have to be The Honeymooners. Ralph was a bus driver; Alice sometimes did work as a secretary, and lived in a run-down apartment in Brooklyn.


Does this bother anyone else or am I just an anomaly?

5 thoughts on “TV Is a Web of Lies!

  1. Aren’t all those guys like, astrophysicists and engineers? If they hold multiple degrees in a specialized field, then they are probably making six figures a year. And they probably aren’t paying a lot in rent, since they live in a building that has a constantly broken elevator and where a waitress can afford to live. I am guessing the girl is just overdrawn all the time, and/or is able to flirt with guys and get them to pay for stuff.

    Also, on Friends, didn’t Rachel become a buyer for Barney’s, and wasn’t Monica an executive chef somewhere? Those would both pay pretty well, so I just assumed they started living together when the rent was cheap in the 80s and then have been splitting the cost/saving their pennies since then, so they were able to scrape by in the lean times.

    However, this is something that really bothered me about Sex and the City. I mean, SJP played a columnist in a weekly paper that people didn’t have to pay for. That was her only job for *years*. Yet she was able to buy the latest designer labels and have literally hundreds of shoes that cost upwards of $500 a pair? I don’t think so. She may have gotten a lot of meals and cocktails for free, but there is no way people were buying those pumps for her.

    Something similar always bothered me in Gilmore Girls. I don’t think they lived beyond their means, but I never saw them eat they way they wanted us to think they did. They always talked about eating soooo much, but I only ever saw them take like, two bites per episode.

    • That’s true! Yeah, I’m sure Penny has a way of getting stuff paid for, lol.
      UGH! That bothered me on Sex in the City too! I was like, homegirl HAS to be getting calls from creditors for those Louboutins she’s buying! And I totes know what you mean about GG! They rave about all the fried food they eat but Lorelei HAD to be a six 4 or 6. Maddening.

  2. Penny has stated multiple times that she was behind on rent, or Leonard paid it. Also she mooches food off of them pretty often.
    As for the shoes, maybe she got them from Marshall’s 🙂

    Maybe she’s “sittin pretty” from that hemorrhoid commercial 😉

  3. and didnt Monica’s grandmother leave her that apartment? I remember in an early episode that her and monica were afraid to tell the landlord that the furnace was broken because they didnt want to get caught living there. Chandler was always paying Joey’s half of the rent and for his headshots and stuff! I have no clue how Pheobe survived!!
    I agree with Katie on BBT

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