When Two People Love Each Other…

Guess what?!


We're "building" our family!

We’re “building” our family!


Yep, that’s right! We’re having a baby!


How did this happen, you ask? Well, if you need to know, then you obviously didn’t take biology in junior high. Oh, you mean how did this come about for me and Huff the Hubs? Ah, I’ll tell you.


Last fall, we were talking about babies (Huff the Hubs had Baby Fever big time). So, we decided I’d go off birth control at the end of October. It took a month for the meds to get out of my system and then I got pregnant in December! But we didn’t about it for a few weeks.


On New Year’s Eve, Huff the Hubs and I went downtown to get paperwork for our passports. (We’ve been planning on taking a trip to Europe in the spring). As we were walking around downtown, I (T.M.I.) burped and spit out some food.


That was weird; I thought to myself, but didn’t think much of it and chewed some gum.


After we left the county clerk’s office, we walked around for a little while and my nose wrinkled up in disgust. “Babe, do you smell that? What is that?” I asked Huff the Hubs.


“What? I don’t smell anything,” he said (his normal response when there’s a questionable stench…).


Again, I didn’t think much of it.


When we got in the car, I started feeling a little queasy. Then, it dawned on me. Holy crap. I might be pregnant. I’m taking a test the second we get home.


I didn’t tell Huff the Hubs; I didn’t want to get his hopes up. When we got back to the apartment, I went straight to the bathroom. In our house—since it’s just the two of us—we don’t close the door. So after I took the test, I washed my hands and saw Huff the Hubs’ reflection in the bathroom mirror as he walked by. He looked at the sink, did a double take, and his eyes went wide.


He came over and picked up the test. “Two lines! Two lines!” he said, jumping up and down.


“What? Really?!” I said, taking the test in my hand. Two lines. There they were. That’s when the realization hit me: I’m going to be someone’s mom!


Here was my thought process in that moment: Holy crap. I’m pregnant. There’s a baby inside me! A human is growing INSIDE me right now! A baby! A little baby! OMG, I’m going to get fat! What if labor hurts? What if we have twins? OMG, twins?! I’m pregnant! Holy crap!


After the initial shock wore off, I felt a lot more at peace. Right now, I’m about 7 weeks along. I’ve got some morning sickness—which is misleading. My “morning sickness” lasts all. Freaking. Day. It’s gotten better over the past few days (plus I got some meds) and I’m hoping that it goes away soon.


My mind is still trying to wrap around the fact that soon, I’m going to be holding a little version of Huff the Hubs and I. I’m nervous, excited, and terrified. And, lucky you, you get to experience it all with me! (I promise to not let some stories be too graphic). For now, I’m off to add more stuff to our baby’s Think Geek registry!

8 thoughts on “When Two People Love Each Other…

  1. Awww congratulations! I hate to break this to you but labor will hurt (unless you are one of those awful women who are only in labor 15 minutes).

  2. I found this post when looking up “Lego” in the WordPress reader. What a lovely post! Congratulations! I was reminded of that wonderful, excited feeling when I was pregnant with my first child when reading your post.

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