Monday Meets Metal

The other night, Huff the Hubs and I were at a get together with the folks from our Life Group. (Life Group is a grown-up way of saying “Sunday School”). I love our LG. They are comprised of a handful of Whovians, a couple that lurves Legos, a few gamers, and some folks I’m going to try and convert to Nerdism.


While at one of the member’s houses, someone said: “You’ve got to see this guy play electric guitar! He’s awesome!”


He wasn’t lying.


The “guy’s” name is Eric Calderone. He lives in Sarasota, FL, grows awesomely long hair, and has over 100K “Likes” on Facebook. What Calderone likes to do is take themes from video games, movies, and shows and give them a “metal twist”.


Here’s his version of Metal Meets Mario:



Lord of the Rings Meets Metal:



Harry Potter Meets Metal:



Crazy cool, right?! On his Facebook page, he also has a metal version of Moonlight Sonata and Metal Meets Jurassic Park!

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