Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps!

Tonight, Hubs is taking me out for seafood. Ever since my OB said I’m allowed to eat shrimp, I can’t stop thinking about it.

But, sadly, gone are the days where I’d decorate an old Kleenex box with pink construction paper and little hearts, waiting for Valentine’s to be dropped in and someone to pass around pink Zebra Cakes. (Oh, wait. That happened at my work party Monday. Hm. Oh well.)

I didn’t pass out actual Valentine’s this year, just gave some candy to my coworkers and family. (Huff the Hubs didn’t get candy. He got jerky and this.)

If I would’ve passed out Valentine’s, I’m fairly certain they would’ve been these:




da mary pamuk

downton abbey edith


obi wan

star trrek


How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

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