Fan Girl Friday

Its Friday, Friday, gonna get my geek on on Friday! 

Welp, Valentine’s Day is over and done with (thank goodness) so now we can all bask in the glow of the now dying roses and drown our troubles with a heart-shaped box of Russell Stover’s.

Thankfully, I’m here to turn that frown upside down with some awesomely nerdtastic finds!


If you’re desperate to keep the romance alive and burnin’ with your geek, I’ve got just the thing (or things) for you! Check out this aromatic candles from Think Geek!

You smell like a Hobbit, my Precious.

You smell like a Hobbit, my Precious.

The scents come in: Middle Earth, Retro Arcade, Space, and Teen Spirit.  (I’m a little hesitant to recommend the arcade one though. I think it would smell like feet, cotton candy, and teenage angst.)


Check out this awesome bed from Tech 4 Globe!

My bed's a little lumpy.

My bed’s a little lumpy.

Here’s the description from the website: This unique bed is made from 120 medium sized sofa balls covered in elastic fabric. The crazy thing about this bed is that you can change its form. It doesn’t have to be horizontal bed all the time. You can pull up the sofa balls to make a small seating arrangement or make new shapes for your relaxation needs. Plus they look kinda cute. (They do, don’t they?)


And speaking of beds, look at this bedding from a European company that I can’t pronounce the name of:

"One small step for Mom, one giant nap for kid kind."

“One small step for Mom, one giant nap for kid kind.”

I really don’t think I’d ever get out of bed if I had this bedspread.


One of the things I love about the internet is the ability to find people who 1. are obsessed with the same fandoms as me and 2. can draw/paint/design better than me. Case in point: Minion Factory. They’ve “Pixared” the folks from Doctor Who!

Hello, Disney.

“Hello, Disney.”


"I'm animated now. Animations are cool."

“I’m animated now. Animations are cool.”







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