Yet Another Reason Why Marvel Rocks

I’ve spoken many times about why I love being a geek. The community around those that are obsessed with superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, and all those awesome things is amazing. Even those who work behind the scenes (or right smack dab in the scenes) “get” why people love what they do and the fandom it creates.


Like the folks Marvel.


In New Hampshire lives a little boy named Anthony that is obsessed with The Avengers (which, what little boy isn’t?). Anthony, however, has a condition that forces him to wear a bright blue hearing aid. His mom had been struggling to get him to wear it for quite some time. His response when she would tell him to put it in was: “Superheroes don’t wear them so I won’t.”


Desperate, his mother went to the Marvel Comics website and found a generic email address under the “Contact Us” tab. She wrote an email, explaining the situation and asking for help. A few weeks later, Anthony received a package in the mail.


Inside were comic books with a new Avenger: The Blue Ear.

super-hero boy


Yes, the good people at Marvel made an Avenger modeled after little Anthony! The Blue Ear has super sonic hearing and can hear a pin drop in another state! One of the comic books even has the Blue Ear working along side fellow Avenger, Hawkeye!


When asked why Marvel answered the call, editor Bill Rosemann said: “Our mantra is what (Marvel Comics chief) Stan Lee said: ‘With great power there must come great responsibility’. Our guys thought, ‘If I have the ability to draw, I am going to use it to help someone like Anthony feel comfortable about his hearing aid.’”


And boy did they!


Anthony’s mom says that now he’s wearing his hearing aid every day and has become much more confident! “He goes up to kids and says, ‘Hey, I have a little ear and a blue ear. Do you want to play?’”


I can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Blue Ear!

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