Happy Good Friday!

“It was the day of Preparation, and the Sabbath was beginning.” Luke 23:54


Hello everyone!

Typically on Fridays I do Fan Girl Friday, but since today is Good Friday, I thought I do a little something different.

I posted this on my Facebook page, but its just too good not to share.

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:17

May you and yours have a blessed Easter!


Time Gone By…

I don’t know why, but here lately I’ve been feeling super nostalgic. Maybe it’s all the things from the 80’s and 90’s I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and Buzzfeed. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and really feeling like a “grown-up”; but I find myself constantly yearning for the days gone by.


The days before cell phones were in everybody’s pockets, when there was no Facebook, and social media meant passing notes in between classes.


I miss the days when the internet was new and people talked on the phone or *gasp* in person. But mostly I think I miss the days when we were so much more innocent.


Think about it. When I was in elementary school, there had not yet been a Columbine, the attacks on NYC or the Pentagon, and the biggest question on everyone’s mind was: “Are Ross and Rachel ever going to get together?!”


So in light of all my nostalgia, I give you the things I miss most about childhood:


1. The skating rink.

The club for underagers.

The club for underagers.

When I was a tween, the hottest place to go on Friday night was South Skate. I LOVED that place! Every Friday night, from 7-11 pm, me, my friends, and my sister were on 4 wheels. I had my first kiss at the skating rink, got my heart broken there, and was introduced to gloriously unhealthy mixture of cheese-from-a-can nachos (made with Doritos).


2. Cartoons.

I'm Buster Bunny. And I'm Babs Bunny. No relation.

I’m Buster Bunny. And I’m Babs Bunny. No relation.

Call me old fashioned, but I really don’t think that today’s cartoons are that funny. Honestly, I think they’re a little dumb. What happened to the intelligent cartoons like Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, and Batman: The Animated Series?


3. Electronics were not mainstream.

I can make you sound like a chipmunk with the press of a button.

I can make you sound like a chipmunk with the press of a button.

The closest thing I had to electronic devices was a Yak Bak and Casio My Magic Diary I got for my birthday when I was 11. We actually had to use our imaginations and we didn’t text—unless you include intricately folded handwritten notes.


4. Not having to make so many decisions.

Do I want to paint my nails or eat another Otter Pop...?

Do I want to paint my nails or eat another Otter Pop…?

Even though I wanted some independence, it was nice to not have to constantly know what was going on at a given time. I loved how freeing that felt. I didn’t have to worry about marking things on a calendar, making sure I was on time for an appointment, or checking that I bought a birthday present for someone. It was all done for me!


5. Knowing less about the world.

The more you know, the more you worry.

The more you know, the more you worry.

Yes, I know knowledge is power. But, sometimes, I wish I wasn’t so informed. Being overwhelmed with such a wealth of information can really grind on your joy. I hate when I turn on the television or pick up a magazine that its like an episode of Fear Factor. I feel like people in the media get together at night and say: “Okay, what can we totally blow out of proportion so people will freak out? *Maniacal laugh*”

When I was a kid, the only thing I wanted to know was if it was going to rain that day (meaning we’d have inside recess).


What about you? Do you miss the “good ole days”?

The Great Debate

I’ve kept relatively quiet about this issue and I can longer do so.

I know everyone has their own opinions on this subject and I welcome all comments.

Having said that, I’m going to let my argument be known and you can draw your own conclusions.

*Takes deep breath*

I believe the toilet paper roll should go OVER, not UNDER!

toilet paper great debate

Seriously, why are people still putting the toilet paper roll so it goes under?! I just don’t get it.

Why should the toilet paper roll go over you ask? I’ll tell you.


1. Its much easier to rip to toilet paper.

If you put the roll going under, you rip and more toilet paper comes out. This is wasteful!


2. It keeps the “where’s the end of the roll?” conundrum to a minimum.

When you put the roll going under, then the edge of the toilet paper gets lost. Then you touch the rest of the roll, spreading germs. Gross. This is how plagues spread, people.


3. It is standard issue in hotels.

Who doesn’t love checking into a hotel after a long flight and seeing the fancy-schmancy folded corner of the toilet paper roll? Oh, is that just me?


Are you an over or an under?


Try It Tuesday

Hello fellow Tryers!

Today’s post is, thank goodness, edible! *Mini wave*

Lately I’ve been craving cookies: Oreos, chocolate chip, Snickerdoodle; you name it, this preggo wants it. So when I saw this on Pinterest, I squealed with glee:

A little difficult to dunk in milk, but still looks yummy!

A little difficult to dunk in milk, but still looks yummy!


I gathered my ingredients (which, thankfully, I had on hand! High five for a well-stocked pantry!)

Looks more intimidating than it is.

Looks more intimidating than it is.

I followed the instructions and mixed up the batter in a small, single-serve casserole dish (I forgot to take a pic! Oops!).

Then I popped it in a microwave for about 55 seconds. Let me tell ya, it was hard to not just eat the batter. But, preggos can’t eat anything made with raw eggs because it could contain listeria. Did you know that? Me either!

less than a minute later I had this:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.

It was pretty good. It satisfied my “sweet tooth” craving, but, to be honest; if I could choose between this and some chocolate chip cookies….I’m taking the cookies. it was a little crumbly and I wasn’t really expecting that. It was still a pretty good dessert though!

Turn the Radio Down…

Last week, my dad and I went to the Eric Clapton concert. It was AWESOME. I mean, you know ole Slow Hand is uber-talented, but until you see it with your own eyes, you don’t realize just HOW talented he really is. Our minds were blown.

Anywhoo, before the concert, we went to eat at our favorite place. During dinner, we started talking about songs that I knew as a kid but didn’t really know what the lyrics were until I was older.

Me: I couldn’t believe my ears when I was singing {insert song here} and was like, ‘Wait. What did I just sing?!’

Dad: *raucous laughter*

So it got me thinking about all those highly inappropriate songs for a child of 9 to know. I give you: The List of Inappropriate Songs/Lyrics. Enjoy.


1. The Fireman — George Strait

Ah yes, sweet little George in his Wranglers singing about the noble profession of firefighting. Oh, that’s not what this song is about?! He’s doing WHAT?!


2. That Summer — Garth Brooks

Oh, how nice! A young man is helping a widow on her farm. That’s so sweet…wait. Did he just say “nothing between us but the night”?!


3. The Joker — Steve Miller

So I guess this guy is really into Batman? I mean he said he’s the Joker…And I guess he also like peaches?


4. Son of a Preacher Man — Dusty Springfield

This song should be sung in church! Its about a nice young man that tells a young girl all about the Bible, right? He teaches her about…about…HOLY CRAP!


5. Overnight Male — George Strait

George must be an advocate of the USPS. I mean, he’s talking about how he “can do ya right, overnight mail…” Oh…wait. Wrong spelling. I feel sheepish.




What’s in a name?

Huff the Hubs and I went to the doctor on Wednesday. Not only did we get to see the baby through an ultrasound, but we also got to find out that….

Facebook Reveal USE

I am so excited! I would’ve been just as excited for a boy, but I LOVE the girl name we have picked out.

I was a little hesitant to share this with people, just because my friends’ experiences with revealing the names of their future children. They were met with a lot of blank stares, wrinkled noses, and “Why would you name your child that?” demands.

I’m all for different names. When I was a kid, my favorite names were Willow, Gypsy, and Lake. But, I didn’t want to pick a name just because it was different. I wanted it to mean something.

I’m named after my dad’s favorite Allman Brothers song. The fact that I was named after a song makes me feel special and I think it also has something to do with the fact that I love music so much.

So when Huff the Hubs and I talked about baby names and started thinking about the ones that really meant something to us, there was always one we kept coming back to. So we decided to use it.

Ladies and gentlemen, our daughter’s name is:

Hermione Jean

Why Hermione?

I’ll tell you.

Yes, it’s from the Harry Potter series. No, I don’t think that’s weird. My best friend has a daughter named River, named for the character on Firefly, River Tam. I think its an AWESOME name. And I love the meaning behind it.

Harry Potter has been a HUGE part of my life; as a reader and as a writer. I devoted many hours reading those books, waiting in line to buy them, and camping out for the films. Also, I adore J.K. Rowling. I think she’s an amazingly talented writer and she’s part of the reason I wanted to become an author.

But that’s not the only reason behind our choice. It’s about who Hermione is.

Hermione Granger is a clever, loyal, caring, person. She isn’t afraid of being smart or spending her free time in the library surrounded by books; she loves to learn.

She is brave. How many times throughout the series did Hermione battle evil monsters? And not only that, but whenever Harry or Ron (or even herself for that matter) would be teased by nasty Slytherins, she always replied with: “Just ignore them” or “Don’t sink to their level”. She knew who she was and wasn’t going to let anyone steal her joy or make her feel inferior. Everyday bravery is the best kind.

She was completely devoted to battling evil, even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice. She never wavered in her loyalty to her friends and cared for others deeply. She even fought for the lowly house elves that didn’t have a voice of their own.

That’s the kind of daughter I want.

I want to raise a brave, smart, book-loving, God-fearing girl who isn’t afraid of being herself. I want a daughter that is loyal to her friends and fights for what she believes in. I want a daughter that loves others and shows compassion to everyone. I know naming her Hermione won’t make her that way; that its up to me and Huff the Hubs to guide her and teach her. True, she may get made fun of because of her name (who doesn’t?!) but I have faith that she will lift her head high, self-assured and not sink to lower minds’ levels.

Fan Girl Thursday

Hey guys! I’m changing it up a bit this week. I have something special planned for tomorrow, so I decided to move the Fan Girl awesomeness to Thursday! Woot woot!

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

So, many of you know I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. When I saw this shirt I immediately reached for my credit card, which immediately slapped my hand and told me I’m not allowed to buy any more t-shirts. Sigh. But look how awesome it is! It reminds me of the dinosaur shirts they have on ThinkGeek!

I hear his crops are really coming along this season.

I hear his crops are really coming along this season.

And speaking of TG, check out these super MARVEL-OUS (see what I did there?) socks!

Not sure if I'm Captain America or a Greek God.

Not sure if I’m Captain America or a Greek God.

This week marked the release of the first Hobbit movie! Did you get your copy, precious? I did! Sadly, it was not the special limited edition with the Bilbo Baggins Lego mini-figure. But, thanks to the people at Lego, I can look at pictures of the entire cast posing with their mini-figs!

"I'm even sexy as a child's toy."

“I’m even sexy as a child’s toy.”

"Look at that! A Hobbit-sized Hobbit!"

“Look at that! A Hobbit-sized Hobbit!”

Do you remember a few months ago when I blogged about the guy that takes TV/movie/video game songs and makes them metal? Well, that winking troubadour has done it again! Look what he’s done with Doctor Who! 

Hump Day Humor

The other night, I was on Pinterest and CRACKING up at all the posts on the “Humor” page. Huff the Hubs was not as amused. He was pretty much like this:

willy wonka


I tried. And he didn’t laugh. LAME.

So I thought maybe you guys would find them a bit more hilarious:




going somewhere




grumpy cat 2



super sirius



mr darcy



Try It Tuesday

I’m wishing I would’ve done this Try It on Saturday. It was absolutely beautiful; almost 80 degrees and clear skies! I could’ve made today’s drink, sat by the pool and just soaked up the sun!

Sadly, it 49 outside today and by no means spring-like.

But, the show must go on!

Here’s the original pin:

Bring on the good times!

Bring on the good times!


All it is is 2 cups frozen strawberries and 1 cup water, mixed with a Crystal Light sugar-free strawberry lemonade drink mix! However, when I went to the store, I couldn’t find Crystal Light strawberry lemonade, so here’s what I used:

Just two ingredients!

Just two ingredients!


I mixed everything together and BAM! Yummy summertime in a glass:



This is quite possibly my favorite Try It that I’ve done! It was SO good AND healthy!

Overheard Lately

I can’t help but be very aware and observant of my surroundings. Seriously, I’m like RDJ’s Sherlock mixed with Liam Neeson from Taken. Okay, maybe not that observant, but I do possess a particular set of skills…


These skills have come in handy lately because I’ve heard very comical snippets of conversations. Here are some of the gems:


Teenage Girl #1: Can they make artificial strawberry? 

Teenage Girl #2: No! They can’t do that! 


Teenage Girl #1: {Standing under a sign a Target that reads: Easter, Sunday March 31st} Is Easter in March? 

Teenage Girl #2: No, dummy. Saint Patrick’s Day is in March. 


Guy: I don’t know. It has something to do with basketball and erotica. 


Girl {on cell phone}: I’m not sure if raccoon bites are poisonous. Call dad.


 Guy #1: So if it makes you have diarrhea, why did you eat it? 

Guy #2: Because its SO good, dude!