Try It Friday

Yes, yes I know. Try Its happen on Tuesday. Well, I was going to do a Try It Thursday, but after an emotional morning/afternoon, filled with worry and anxiety about {literal} bank robbers hiding out in my apartment complex fused with pregnancy hormones, I was in no mood to blog. Or do anything for that matter.

Today, however, is a different story…



This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day! And of course, I had to get ready by trying some nail art!

Back in December, I did some “Santa pant buckle” nails. So I thought, “Hey! I can change up the colors and they can be leprechaun hats!”

I gathered my colors:

nail polish

Rimmel 60 Second Polish in Sunny Days, NYC’s In a New York Minute in High Line Green, and my black striping polish.


I put on two coats of High Line Green and then carefully did the stripes (aka, the ribbon on the leprechaun’s hat).

green nails


striped nails


After that, I got my dotting tool and added the “buckle” with Sunny Days and voila!

leprechaun hat nails

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