Overheard Lately

I can’t help but be very aware and observant of my surroundings. Seriously, I’m like RDJ’s Sherlock mixed with Liam Neeson from Taken. Okay, maybe not that observant, but I do possess a particular set of skills…


These skills have come in handy lately because I’ve heard very comical snippets of conversations. Here are some of the gems:


Teenage Girl #1: Can they make artificial strawberry? 

Teenage Girl #2: No! They can’t do that! 


Teenage Girl #1: {Standing under a sign a Target that reads: Easter, Sunday March 31st} Is Easter in March? 

Teenage Girl #2: No, dummy. Saint Patrick’s Day is in March. 


Guy: I don’t know. It has something to do with basketball and erotica. 


Girl {on cell phone}: I’m not sure if raccoon bites are poisonous. Call dad.


 Guy #1: So if it makes you have diarrhea, why did you eat it? 

Guy #2: Because its SO good, dude!




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