What’s in a name?

Huff the Hubs and I went to the doctor on Wednesday. Not only did we get to see the baby through an ultrasound, but we also got to find out that….

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I am so excited! I would’ve been just as excited for a boy, but I LOVE the girl name we have picked out.

I was a little hesitant to share this with people, just because my friends’ experiences with revealing the names of their future children. They were met with a lot of blank stares, wrinkled noses, and “Why would you name your child that?” demands.

I’m all for different names. When I was a kid, my favorite names were Willow, Gypsy, and Lake. But, I didn’t want to pick a name just because it was different. I wanted it to mean something.

I’m named after my dad’s favorite Allman Brothers song. The fact that I was named after a song makes me feel special and I think it also has something to do with the fact that I love music so much.

So when Huff the Hubs and I talked about baby names and started thinking about the ones that really meant something to us, there was always one we kept coming back to. So we decided to use it.

Ladies and gentlemen, our daughter’s name is:

Hermione Jean

Why Hermione?

I’ll tell you.

Yes, it’s from the Harry Potter series. No, I don’t think that’s weird. My best friend has a daughter named River, named for the character on Firefly, River Tam. I think its an AWESOME name. And I love the meaning behind it.

Harry Potter has been a HUGE part of my life; as a reader and as a writer. I devoted many hours reading those books, waiting in line to buy them, and camping out for the films. Also, I adore J.K. Rowling. I think she’s an amazingly talented writer and she’s part of the reason I wanted to become an author.

But that’s not the only reason behind our choice. It’s about who Hermione is.

Hermione Granger is a clever, loyal, caring, person. She isn’t afraid of being smart or spending her free time in the library surrounded by books; she loves to learn.

She is brave. How many times throughout the series did Hermione battle evil monsters? And not only that, but whenever Harry or Ron (or even herself for that matter) would be teased by nasty Slytherins, she always replied with: “Just ignore them” or “Don’t sink to their level”. She knew who she was and wasn’t going to let anyone steal her joy or make her feel inferior. Everyday bravery is the best kind.

She was completely devoted to battling evil, even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice. She never wavered in her loyalty to her friends and cared for others deeply. She even fought for the lowly house elves that didn’t have a voice of their own.

That’s the kind of daughter I want.

I want to raise a brave, smart, book-loving, God-fearing girl who isn’t afraid of being herself. I want a daughter that is loyal to her friends and fights for what she believes in. I want a daughter that loves others and shows compassion to everyone. I know naming her Hermione won’t make her that way; that its up to me and Huff the Hubs to guide her and teach her. True, she may get made fun of because of her name (who doesn’t?!) but I have faith that she will lift her head high, self-assured and not sink to lower minds’ levels.

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