Turn the Radio Down…

Last week, my dad and I went to the Eric Clapton concert. It was AWESOME. I mean, you know ole Slow Hand is uber-talented, but until you see it with your own eyes, you don’t realize just HOW talented he really is. Our minds were blown.

Anywhoo, before the concert, we went to eat at our favorite place. During dinner, we started talking about songs that I knew as a kid but didn’t really know what the lyrics were until I was older.

Me: I couldn’t believe my ears when I was singing {insert song here} and was like, ‘Wait. What did I just sing?!’

Dad: *raucous laughter*

So it got me thinking about all those highly inappropriate songs for a child of 9 to know. I give you: The List of Inappropriate Songs/Lyrics. Enjoy.


1. The Fireman — George Strait

Ah yes, sweet little George in his Wranglers singing about the noble profession of firefighting. Oh, that’s not what this song is about?! He’s doing WHAT?!


2. That Summer — Garth Brooks

Oh, how nice! A young man is helping a widow on her farm. That’s so sweet…wait. Did he just say “nothing between us but the night”?!


3. The Joker — Steve Miller

So I guess this guy is really into Batman? I mean he said he’s the Joker…And I guess he also like peaches?


4. Son of a Preacher Man — Dusty Springfield

This song should be sung in church! Its about a nice young man that tells a young girl all about the Bible, right? He teaches her about…about…HOLY CRAP!


5. Overnight Male — George Strait

George must be an advocate of the USPS. I mean, he’s talking about how he “can do ya right, overnight mail…” Oh…wait. Wrong spelling. I feel sheepish.




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