Try It Tuesday

Hey Tryers! Since I’ve been packing non-stop, my Best Mate (Marissa) did a Try It Tuesday to help me out! So here’s her post!


Here’s my recipe for home made pizza pockets we used last Saturday!  It was fun, simple, and extremely yummy!


Pizza, pizza!

Pizza, pizza!

~Crescent rolls

~Spaghetti sauce

~Shredded Cheese (I used an Italian 5 cheese blend)

~Toppings of choice (we had pepperoni, precooked bacon, jalepeños, and tomatoes)


1. Spray your cookie sheet (or pan of choice, a stone would also work great) with preferred cooking spray.

2. Lay out your crescent roll triangles.

3. Spoon about 2-3 teaspoons of spaghetti sauce onto the wide end of the crescent roll triangle.  Sprinkle 2-3 pinches of shredded cheese.

4. Add desired toppings. We had some great combinations; everyone was really creative.

5. Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes

Hot Pockets!

Hot Pockets!

The night I made these I fed my husband, my 13-year-old son, his friend, my 3-year-old daughter, and my 4-year-old little cousin.  (It was sleepover night in our house). The Husband and kids were all super pleased with this recipe and even the picky little ones ate it!  Everyone left the dinner table with a full tummy and happy!

The critics love it!

The critics love it!


On April 19, 1995, a bomb was detonated in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. It claimed the lives of 168 people, including 19 children. Thirteen years ago, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon was set up for Oklahomans to remember and raise money for the memorial. Yesterday the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon was held downtown.


Run to Remember

Run to Remember


I love this event. Not just because of what it represents, but also because there are events for everyone. There’s a Kid’s Fun Run (1 mile), a 5K, a marathon relay, a half marathon, and a full marathon. So no matter your activity level, you can still participate!  Me, Huff the Hubs, my sister Bridget, and two of our friends ran the relay yesterday.


It. Was. Awesome.


I ran the second leg of the relay, so I had to wait around for about an hour after the start. My relay spot was at a church, so I really go the good end of the deal. They provided snacks before the race started (something a preggo really appreciates).


I also got to run the “fun hill” (is there a such thing as a “fun” hill? My calves say no). This stretch of the race, Gorilla Hill, is awesome and famous for marathon vets.


Go ape!

Go ape!


While running up GH, you see some hilarious sights: people dressed as bananas, a man in a gorilla suit, and even a guy smoking a cigar and pouring mixed drinks for the runners. (I also saw a pair of 60-something men stop at a curb where there was a tub full of beer, pop open a Coors Light, chug it, crush the can, and take off running again.)


I love the energy and spontaneity of the Memorial Marathon. You never know what or who you’ll see. You may see a kid with a unicorn mask holding a sign that reads: “Taste the rainbow” and holding a basket of Fun Size Skittles, you may see an 80-year-old man wearing a rainbow wig, and you may even see an Oklahoma legend:

Big Barry

Big Barry


The spectators are awesome, the runners are inspirational, and the reason we run is heartfelt. Even though I was a little nervous, running basically a 5K while 4 months pregnant, but I’m glad I did it.

I got it!

I got it!

I now have a medal from every single event at the marathon except the Full Marathon. I am determined to do the full next year. A few people think I should wait (since Hermione is due in September and I may not be 100% by then) but I think I can do it.  Maybe I’ll recruit some of my teammates to run with me.

Go Team BB's and J!

Go Team BB’s and J!






Fan Girl Friday

Hello, fellow nerdlings! I’ve got some great goodies for you to feast your eyes upon today!

Think Geek has really pulled out all the stops this week, I’m telling ya. That’s why the first two finds are from them!

Sad that you’ve already played Arkham Asylum and Arkham City so much that you know the Riddler map by heart? Lamenting the fact that Arkham Origins won’t be out until October? Put your tissues away, puddin’ ’cause I’ve got a dose of the Bat just for you!

"I'm Batman."

“I’m Batman.”

Check it out! You can be Killer Croc, Two Face, The Joker, The Penguin or the Dark Knight himself! From what I gather, this is basically Settlers of Catan with the B-man. You work to take control of Gotham City, fighting crooks and takin’ names the whole way!

Next up on TG’s list of awesome geekery is something for the Trekkers (“Trekkies” is not PC, people).

"Paper, the final frontier."

“Paper, the final frontier.”


Yes, my friends, that is made of PAPER! Its the latest in papercraft from Think Geek! The paper craft book contains all the pieces needed to build the ultimate paper model of the original USS Enterprise 1701! There’s even electronics and lights to make it even more awesome!


Guys, I found an awesome blog this week through Pinterest (you know, besides my own). Its all about crafts from Doctor Who! Check out this amazeballs crib I found:

Rock-a-bye, Doctor in the treetop...

Rock-a-bye, Doctor in the treetop…

Huff the Hubs and I are registering tonight. Think Babies R Us carries this?


And speaking of DW, check out pictures from this AMAZING Doctor Who-themed wedding!

"I'm rubbish at weddings. Especially my own."

“I’m rubbish at weddings. Especially my own.”


I love the stamps!

I love the stamps!


You can check out all the pics here and totally be jealous that you didn’t have a Whovian wedding. (I think I may tell Hermione when she grows up that I’ll plan her wedding for her…)


Have a great weekend, everyone! And if you go to the OKC Marathon on Sunday, be sure to cheer for the pregnant woman crying whilst running (AKA, me).



Try It Problem


So, Huff the Hubs and I move into our 2-bedroom apartment next week (yay!) which means my living room looks like this:

I have to laugh to keep from crying.

I have to laugh to keep from crying.


And no, we can’t “make the best of it” by building a fort. I tried. It blocked the TV. Who wants a fort with no TV?!

Anyway, so because we’re moving, I’ve had to pack a lot (I’m home all day, why not? Plus, since I can’t move the boxes because I’m knocked up, this is my contribution) and prepare the apartment for the move. This means taking down all the picture frames, getting the nails out of the walls, and taking down the wall decal in the bedroom:

...unless you didn't brush your teeth...

…unless you didn’t brush your teeth…


I looked online and found that people were saying that the easiest way to get decals off was to use the hairdryer. So I tried it. And it worked!

It used to be so pretty.

It used to be so pretty.


However, the hairdryer hint did not also state that some adhesive would still be on the wall:

Not getting that deposit back now.

Not getting that deposit back now.


Does anyone know how to get the adhesive off? The only thing I saw online was to use ammonia. I’m not thinking that’s pregnancy-safe. I tried a Magic Eraser…not so magical. Any ideas, peeps? I know that the apartment people paint after every tenant (I think they do that instead of filling the holes in the walls left by previous residents) but I’m afraid they’ll be all: {Mean voice} “Sorry, we had to keep your deposit because of the crap you left on the wall.”


So go ahead, Internet Friends, dazzle me with your knowledge!



How My Pregnancy Saved Me $200

This morning was crazy.


My sister’s (and my) dog, Pinny Lane, had to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound. No, she’s not expecting. Lately her liver levels have been a little elevated, so BB wanted to make sure everything was okay by taking her to a specialist.


So after dropping of a trembling min-pin at the doggy hospital and my dad back at work (he helped me wrangle the four-legged baby) I headed back to the apartment.


I should let it be known that during this time, I downed a liter of water and hadn’t been in the vicinity of a bathroom for over an hour. And, Hermione felt it necessary to move around, making me do the seated version of the “I gotta go” dance.


I was literally less than a quarter of a mile from home when I saw something behind me. Yes, it was red and blue lights of a motorcycle policeman.




I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot, got out my license and registration and hoped the cop was nice.


The officer came up to my window and said, “I stopped you because you were going 52 and it’s a 40 mile per hour zone.” (Oops!)


And, before I knew what I was saying, these words came out of my mouth: “I’m sorry; I’ve got a baby pushing on my bladder.”


Immediately I regretted that. I’m not going to lie; I’ve flirted to get out of a ticket. I’ve cracked jokes to get out of a ticket. And yes, I’ve even lied. (My mother will be scandalized when she reads this.) But I didn’t think I’d use my pregnancy to get out of a ticket. I was embarrassed that I basically told this cop I had to pee and that’s why I had a lead foot.


But, thankfully, the cop laughed and said: “That’s not a good feeling.”


So, again, I spoke without thinking: “Oh, you’ve had first-hand experience with this?”


Which, praise the Lord, made him laugh again. We joked back and forth about the possibility of him being pregnant and, if he has that ability, he needs to have a long discussion with his parents about his childhood. As he took my info back to his bike, I started praying: Please don’t let him give me a ticket, please don’t let him give me a ticket!


And, much to my delight, he came back, handed me my license and said: “I’d better not let you wait any longer. Be safe out there.”


After he sped away, I gave Hermione a high-five for saving me from a $200 speeding ticket, and went home.


Moral of the story? Pregnancy or no pregnancy: next time you get pulled over; try to make the cop laugh. Or, you know, don’t speed in the first place. Whichever.




Try It Tuesday

I’m tellin’ ya, folks. Lately, my Try Its have been off the hook! And today’s is no exception!

When I saw this on Pinterest, I could feel my thighs getting wider and my mouth salivating:

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

I was so excited to try this so I hurriedly got all the goods together:


Then my lovely helper, BB, ground up all the Oreos in the food processor:

oreos in food processor

(Sorry it’s a little blurry!) After the Oreos were completely demolished, I melted butter and pressed the mixture into a dish, making a crust. You have to let it refrigerate for a bit while you do the other stuff, just to let it firm up.

After I whipped the creamy filling together, I spread it on top of the crust:

creamy filling

I put that back into the refrigerator as I mixed the pudding mixes (I used one regular pudding mix and one sugar free, just to help with the calorie count/sugar count). Then I poured the pudding on top of the creamy filling.

pudding mix

I let the pudding firm up a bit (its instant pudding so it didn’t take long) and then spread Cool Whip on top and sprinkled mini chocolate chips after.


You’re supposed to let it set in the freezer for about an hour. However, I couldn’t wait that long. We took it out after about 30 or 40 minutes. And….well, I think this speaks for itself:

empty plate

OMG. It was SO. FREAKING. GOOD. I really, really wanted to eat the whole dish. I’m telling you, it was probably one of the best desserts I have had in a while! I am DEFINITELY making this bad boy again!

Case of the Mondays

Anyone else feeling like their To Do List is a mile long? Or that they really wanted to call in sick for work this morning?

This weekend was not long enough for me. After the anxiety-filled week, where I was sure we were going to see a rag-tag group of oil drillers head off to fight a meteor heading toward Earth, I needed some relaxation.

Huff the Hubs and I went camping with our Lifegroup (yep, this preggo went camping AND hiking!) and came home Saturday evening ready to crash. Sunday was packed full of a pace run (we’re doing the relay for the OKC Memorial Marathon next Sunday) and family events. Needless to say, I went to bed at 7:30 last night. No joke.

So today, all I really needed—and assume you do as well—was some laughter and maybe a foot rub. Since I can’t do the latter (I’m not a fan of feet) I thought I’d help with the laughter.


"Where do you want to go?"  "Oh I don't care, where do YOU want to go?"

“Where do you want to go?”
“Oh I don’t care, where do YOU want to go?”


People can be so sensitive.

People can be so sensitive.





This video had me CRACKING up. Mostly because it points out how ridiculous we girls can be:





Fan Girl Friday

Man. Its been a week.

After what happened Monday in Boston, the massive manhunt going on today, the explosion in Texas, and what we Okies are remembering today…It can make you feel really down. I think we could all use some geek-tastic giggles to get us through to the weekend.

First up, is a delicious find from The Little Pink Blog! Its a Harry Potter-inspired cocktail! This blog has many Potter potions that will help you ring in the weekend!

Its happy hour at Hogwarts!

Its happy hour at Hogwarts!


Alright, Fan Girls, hold on to your fezzes! Look at one of the press photos just released from the set of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

Cannot. Stop. Smiling.

Cannot. Stop. Smiling.

I see many giggles and squeals in my future.


I can think of one person that will not likely be smiling…my favorite finicky feline. Check out the latest shirt from my peeps over at Think Geek!

"I hate this shirt."

“I hate this shirt.”


Guys. Get ready to have your mind blown.

You know Carson from Downton Abbey? Who am I kidding, of course you do! Well, did you know our favorite butler is married to Professor Umbridge?! Let’s hope she’s nicer to Carson than she was to her students.

"Repeat after me, Countess: 'I must not tell lies'."

“Repeat after me, Countess: ‘I must not tell lies’.”


And lastly, did anyone else see Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel? If you didn’t, I have two words for you: You’re welcome.



Eating for two?

When I found out that I was pregnant, two thoughts entered my mind:

I’m going to be a mommy! 


Oh crap. I’m going to get fat. 

Having lost 40 lbs and kept it off for 5 years, there’s always been a nagging fear in the back of my mind: What if I gain all the weight back I worked so hard to lose? 

When I first started trying to lose the weight, I was a tad overzealous; counting every single minuscule calorie that entered my system and carefully working out so I could burn off the excess. As time went on, I learned to calm it down, dial back the crazy, and love my body. I allowed myself a treat now and then and tried to follow the 80/20 rule. So when I got pregnant, a part of me thought: Well, that’s all out the window! I can sit back and eat anything! 

Then I realized, I didn’t want to do that*. I like being fit. I like working out. I like running. I can honestly feel a difference in my body when I ate a grilled chicken sandwich rather than a Big Mac. Fruit made me feel better; fries made me sluggish. So I told myself I would still be healthy and try not to overindulge while I was pregnant^. (I knew there were risks to gaining too much weight during pregnancy and I want to give me and my baby the healthiest chance I can.) When I said this to some people (whether they be friends, family, or random people at Target) you would’ve thought I was the worst person in the world.

“You shouldn’t starve yourself!” 

Don’t you know you need to gain a lot during pregnancy?” 

“Isn’t eating the point of pregnancy?” 

Those comments were easy to let roll off my back. I knew those people said that because they probably thought that what I meant by “healthy” was eating a bowl of dried fruit and a glass of water and that was it. Trust me, I loves my food. I eat.

The comments I wasn’t able to let go of were the ones like this:

“You may think pregnancy is easy now, but that’s because you’re not fat yet.”  (<–Someone’s exact words. Yeah.)

That got me thinking: Why do people associate fat with pregnancy? 

Its not fat, its a baby.

That has been my mantra during this pregnancy. I’m not gaining weight because I’m sitting in front of the refrigerator, swallowing everything in sight. I’m growing a human. And let me tell ya, its not easy. So when I see pictures of Kim Kardashian with her growing belly and a headline that reads: “Kim Fat During Pregnancy!” it makes me cringe. Mostly because at first I was like Nelson from The Simpsons, pointing and laughing. (The Kardashians really bring out the Regina George in me.) But then I scolded myself because I had to remember that she’s a woman too. Not just a woman, a pregnant woman. And she’s probably hormonal and I’m sure she sees these headlines and wonders: “Am I not good enough? Am I gaining too much weight?”

Its not fat, Kim, its a baby.

"The only thing big about me is my paycheck that I get for doing nothing."

“The only thing big about me is my paycheck that I get for doing nothing.”

Its tough to be pregnant and adjust to a growing body. Its even harder when you’re pregnant and in the limelight. And, the fact that Princess Kate is skipping around the UK looking adorbs with her tiny bump doesn’t really help other preggos’ self-esteem.

Dainty Katie

Dainty Katie

But you know what? That’s okay. Kate’s body is different than Kim’s. Its different than mine. And I’m okay with that. And Kim should be too.

Yes, I watch what I eat. Yes, I still workout. And yes, after Hermione gets here, I will work to lose the baby weight and get fit again. Why? Not because I’m selfish and not because I’m vain. I’ll workout because it helps me feel better (those endorphins are real!), it gives me more energy (don’t all new moms need that?), and because I want to set an example for a healthy lifestyle to my daughter. Does that mean I won’t let her have candy now and then? Of course not! But it does mean I’ll encourage fruits, veggies, and whole grains to help her feel good. 

And until Hermione arrives, I’ll eat my organic eggs for breakfast along with the occasional doughnut. And you know what I’ll be thinking the whole time?

Its not fat, its a baby. 






*If you choose to eat whatever you want, that’s fine; there is no judgement from me. I’m just saying what was a priority for me, what want to do. Everyone’s different.

^Granted, the first trimester I was so nauseous  all I ate was French fries, plain baked potatoes, tater tots, and Funyuns. If it sounded good, I ate it. Now that the nausea is gone, I can go back to my normal eating habits.


Wicked Wednesday!

Last week, me, Huff the Hubs and my sister BB went to Dallas to see Wicked. I was going to post a full review about it on Monday, but it was too hectic a day to focus on blogging. Anyway, back to Wicked. 

"Guuurlll, I got something I need to tell you!"

“Guuurlll, I got something I need to tell you!”

If I had to describe the show in one word it would be: awesofabusupertacular! Yes, I know that’s a made up word, but I don’t care! I can’t use just one word! Why was it so awesofabusupertacular? I’ll tell you.


1. The story is very unlike all the other Oz stories out there. 

Its a hat!

Its a hat!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Judy Garland’s Oz. We watched it all the time as kids. I could probably quote the movie, line for line. I also know the Mayor of Munchkin City’s monologue. Huff the Hubs loves Return to Oz… I’m not a fan. Its like an acid trip with tornadoes. And recently, we saw Oz: The Great and Powerful. Which, was good and had a very original story. Wicked on the other hand tells the story of the Wicked Witch of the West from birth to that nasty incident with Dorothy. I love prequels that tell why a “villain” is the way he/she is. (This is why I loved Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince so much.)


2. The actors were amazing.


"If you sing 'It Ain't Easy Being Green' one more time...!"

“If you sing ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Green’ one more time…!”

The original cast members were Idina Menzel (Elphaba) and Kristin Chenoweth (Galinda). The woman that played Galinda was really channeling her inner Chenoweth. She did a superb job! She was just the right amount of perky and annoying. Elphaba, to me and my crew, actually reminded us a lot of Amy Farrah-Fowler. She was believably awkward and endearing.


3. The music.

Isn’t this why we go to musicals? The music! You don’t go see Grease just to look at the boufont hairdos! You go to hear Summer Lovin’ and Stranded at the Drive-In! The songs from Wicked were no exception. My favorite? Defying Gravity. Huff the hubs really liked the one Galinda sings about being popular. (I think he just liked listening to the cute blonde sing!)


4. The message. 

This kind of goes a long with #1, but I think deserves to be talked about separately  In the musical, Elphaba is a very passionate girl that cares about family, friends, and the way others are treated. Especially when they’re treated with less love and respect than others. But no one pays attention to her good qualities because all everyone can see is the green hue of her skin. I just felt like I related to Elphaba on many levels, but also to Galinda in some ways. Galinda works hard to make others think she’s “good” but doesn’t really know the meaning of true friendship or standing up for someone/something until she meets Elphaba. I’ve had friends like that; those that have shown me what true love and loyalty are just by being in my life.


So would I recommend Wicked? You bet your pointy hat (and your dog too!) that I would! For my Oklahoma peeps: I believe its coming to the Civic Center this September! You’ve got to go! (We didn’t realize that until after we bought our tickets for Dallas. But I figured, Eh, I’ll be giving birth. I don’t think I’d want to sit through a musical going through contractions.)