Try It Tuesday

Over the past few months, I’ve had a new obsession. This bad boy right here:

Fancy, schmancy.

Fancy, schmancy.

I love anything “no-touch”: no touch soap, no touch hand dryers, no touch paper towel dispensers…I love them all! I like not having to worry about excess germs. I’m no Sheldon; but I am a slight germaphobe.


So when I saw these (and all the kick-a coupons online) I snapped them up as quick as I could. They come in so handy in the kitchen when you’re cooking with chicken and don’t want to grab the bottle of Dawn or touch the soap pump. The likelihood of salmonella goes waaaay down.


As much as I love them, I also loathe them. Do you know how much those refills cost?! The cheapest I’ve seen them is $3.97. For ONE. (Tryin’ to break a white girl! ) When I noticed that the dispenser in our kitchen was no longer dispensing soap, I thought: There’s no way I’m spending $4 for this, and went to Google. 


I found a great tutorial here. I was surprised at how easy it was!


All you need is your empty Lysol Touch Free® refill, a butter knife, and some liquid hand soap. 

Prepare for war against $4 soap.

Prepare for war against $4 soap.


All you have to do is wedge your butter knife in between the bottle and the cap (in my picture, the yellow part). Just press the knife against the cap until the cap (literally) pops off. Be careful: I got hit in the head.


I flipped my lid. Ha!

I flipped my lid. Ha!


After that, just refill the container with any liquid soap you have laying around. I used Softsoap.

Soft hands.

Soft hands.


Then, just pop the cap back on; press it into your Lysol dispenser, and voila! You have officially saved your household about $48 a year!




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