An open letter to my mom…

Dear Mom,


Happy {early} Mother’s Day! It’s a shame we only have one day to recognize moms and all they do. Especially you. You have done and do so much for me (and those other two girls you claim I’m related to) that I think you deserve more than just one day.


I remember as a kid, you made holidays so special. I loved waking up on Valentine’s Day to heart-shaped, pink pancakes or green ones on Saint Patrick’s Day. However when you’d burst into our rooms on Sunday morning before church and sing: “Rise and shine, and give God the glory, GLORY!” I wasn’t too happy. But, you took us to church; with me grumbling in the backseat the whole way.


You always laughed at my jokes and when I’d don a costume and walk around the house pretending to be a hobo, you’d smile and drop a penny in my mug as I wailed: “Alms for the poor!”


Whenever I was scared and had a bad dream you’d always soothe me. Hearing your voice come across the darkness always made me feel safe; like nothing could get me. I loved sitting in your lap as you’d rock me in the rocking chair, pressed up against your chest, listening to you breathe in and out.


You taught me how to cook (and didn’t tease me when I burned things), how to sew (although my hems were ghastly), how to crochet (though I’ll never be as good as you), and how to drive (we both barely survived that one). You also taught me how to pray, how to make others feel special, and how to be selfless (still working on that last one).


Whenever I think of the Proverbs 31 woman, I’m reminded of you. You would be the first one up, the last one to bed. You sewed our Christmas dresses, always looked for the best deal, and emulated the model wife. I love watching you and Dad. When I see the way you look at him, I can tell that you not only love him, you respect him. The example you have set of a Godly wife is one I hope to copy.


You’ve always been selfless; putting everyone ahead of yourself. When we’d go shopping for you for Christmas or your birthday, we’d always get in arguments about what to get you. Mainly because we knew if we got you a gift card, you’d NEVER use it on yourself or when asked what you wanted you’d say: “Oh, I don’t need anything.” And so, when we did buy you a gift card, thinking it would make you want something, you’d use it on us kids or Daddy or someone you knew that needed something. You went without so others could have. I’ve always admired that about you.


And now as I am about to embark on the journey of motherhood, I can’t even begin to describe how much my love for you has doubled and my respect quadrupled (how did you do this THREE times?!). I’m so very blessed to have you as my mother and so beyond thankful that my daughter will have you as her Nana.


I’m so glad you’ll be here with me, to hold my hand and tell me that it’s going to be okay and that I’ll get through it. So thank you, Mom, for always being my biggest fan and friend.


I love you,



Mom and I, circa 1984.

Mom and I, circa 1984.

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