Integrity, schmegrity…

Here lately, I’ve been wondering: is integrity a lost character trait?

I don’t know about you, but integrity is an attribute hard to describe and even harder to emulate.

I know I’ve seen integrity before: my parents taking a receipt back to the cashier because they didn’t charge enough for something or forgot to ring something up.  A cub scout on the news making sure a lost purse was returned to the owner, even though the manager at Wal-Mart didn’t care.  But still, how do you show integrity in your everyday life?

Huff the Hubs, I think, has a ton of integrity. He’s a salaried employee, meaning he doesn’t have to clock in or out, he just shows up to work and leaves at his assigned time. The days that he leaves the house late (which, is more often than not; he runs on what I like to call “Huffman Time”) he always, always, always stays late. He checks receipts meticulously, making sure we were charged for what we took from the store or ate. He won’t do something that’s easier or that’s cheaper if it means doing something wrong.

If he’s 5 minutes late, he stays 5 minutes late. If he’s 15 minutes late, he stays 15 minutes late. There are many employees (and I’ve been guilty of this too) that will show up 30 minutes late and leave at their normal time.  And even though it may not seem like that much to us, to others it makes a big difference.

I’ve been flummoxed (yes, that’s a word) lately by business practices. There are companies out there that tout a certain belief, using it to bring in business and make more money. But do they really have integrity? Do they help others without expecting anything (even a “thank you”) in return?

Yesterday morning in church, the message was about love. The pastor said: “Love is the choice to perform a sacrificial action. You do things for others not because of the accolades, but for the growth of God’s Kingdom.”

Yet again, that’s something I need to work on. I don’t mind doing stuff for people, but most of the time (especially if its for a family member; namely Huff the Hubs) I want to hear a “thank you”. I want to know that they appreciate it. In some cases, I don’t think that’s wrong. I truly feel like affirmation is my “love language.” But how much of my wanting affirmation is my love language and how much is it just me wanting to feed my ego while my integrity wains?


I know this has been a soap-box type of rant, but its been something that’s been on my mind lately. What do you think? Has integrity gone the way of chivalry? Is integrity something you find hard to mimic?


1 thought on “Integrity, schmegrity…

  1. The other day as my mom and I were going into a grocery store, a lady dropped a dollar. My mom picked it up and took it to the lady who didn’t even realize she had dropped it. It made me proud to call her mom, but she made the comment that sometimes she was too nice. I told her that what she did was the right thing to do. It made me wonder how many people would have done the same thing. It also made me wonder if I would have done the same thing. In the end, I decided I would have because I am a firm believer that for every good action you do, you are rewarded in some way. It may not come immediately, but it will come. I don’t look for a thank you always, for that reason. Because I know it will be acknowledged by God and the universe if no one else. I’m also reminded that for every bad action you do, you will be punished.. which is evident every time I think a mean thought about someone and end up stubbing my toe or tripping over nothing and looking like an idiot. I always apologize to God for having the negative thoughts. But, very good rant!! I have often wondered about the world’s integrity crisis.

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