Travel Log: Days Five and Six

Wednesday, May 22nd

Today we had our second day tour. I was determined to not make it at the last second. However, Huff the Hubs and the Underground had a different idea in mind. HtH was being pokey and there were major delays on the Tube. I was getting scared we wouldn’t make it in time. But, thankfully, we did!

After we boarded the bus, we met a couple from Michigan. We chatted with them for a bit—mostly about tornadoes and Oklahoma—but it was nice to have some entertainement. Our tour guide on this day wasn’t as chatty as Jess from a few days earlier.

Our first stop was Warwick Castle. I was excited because we had almost two hours at the castle. Our other tour didn’t allow such long stops. We saw some awesome stuff: where the day-to-day operations of the castle would happen, where the court would meet, and where they had “bear baiting”.


Huff the Hubs went through a bunch of towers (530 steep steps, according to the sign) while I waited below.

That's HtH way up there!

That’s HtH way up there!


After Warwick, we went to Stratford Upon Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace), one of my favorite places in England. We toured ole Billy the Bard’s childhood home and ate lunch at a small café.



Then, we went to one of my favorite shops—The Creaky Cauldron. Its basically a rip off of Harry Potter (they even had Hedwig’s Theme playing as we entered) but its awesome! They asked if we were HP fans and I said, “Well, we’re naming our daughter Hermione, so…” and they said: “Brilliant!” and “That’s a great name!” (I love them.)

The shorter of the two men said: “She’ll be the brightest witch of her age.”

To which I replied with: “I hope so. She’ll need to get scholarships to help us out with the cost of college!”

The taller of the two said: ‘We can admit her into the school of witchcraft and wizardry, can’t we?”

So they signed a piece of paper and Hermione is already admitted!

After leaving S-u-A, we went to OxfordUniversity. The campus is beautiful! We saw the hall that the Great Hall in HP was modeled after, and bought some Oxford shirts and hoodies. After we got back to London, we took a short nap and had dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.



Thursday, May 23rd

This morning, since it was our last full day in London, we decided to do all the “little things” we hadn’t been able to do. Our first stop was King’s Cross to see Platform 9 ¾. It had changed so much since the last time I was there in ’10! I think because of the Olympics. After popping into the Harry Potter shop there, we went to the London Eye. We had lunch at the McDonald’s nearby and overheard some people talking about sending donations to Oklahoma.



After lunch, we went to Westminster Abbey. Evidently, you aren’t allowed to take photographs…well, they didn’t count on Jessie the Pregnant Ninja to be in town. HtH kept saying we were going to get thrown in the stocks, but I wanted people to see the Abbey! After all, we paid over 35 quid!


After the Abbey, we were both in need of a rest. We went back to thehotel and took a 2-hour nap. Then, we went to Baker Street.

I was so excited! I have been to London twice before and always wanted to go to Baker Street to see Sherlock Holmes’ house. We decided to go into the museum; it was so interesting! HtH and I couldn’t help but giggle, knowing that this museum had been set up in honor of a man who hadn’t even lived! It was odd though, because with all the things in the house, it was as though he had.


After Baker Street, we went to KensingtonGardens and saw KensingtonPalace (AKA, where Princess Diana lived and where Kate and William now live). After that, we went into a pub and had fish chips, did some shopping, and went back to the hotel.


After I took a shower, I wanted to blow dry my hair. Unfortunately, when I plugged my blowdryer into the adapter, sparks flew from my dryer and the electricity shut off.

HtH said, “Way to burn the castle down!” (in reference to the scene from Just Married). Thankfully, the fuse was fixed quickly and my hair was dried.

We were sad to say goodbye to London, but ready to get back to Oklahoma and help out our friends in Moore.

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