Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday Peeps! (And happy birthday, BB!)

I’ve got some great goodies to share with and help you kick your weekend off right!

For you dog lovers (which, how could you NOT be a dog lover?) check out this AMAZE-BALLS leash from Fred Flare! Its seriously the fanny pack (or, if you’re Ted Mosby: ‘El Gonzo con la rinonera!’) of the leash-world!

Need something? Let me use my Mary Poppins leash...

Need something? Let me use my Mary Poppins leash…

This bad boy is retractable, has space for treats, poo-bags, a light for when you’re walking at night, and a clock! Plus it comes in snazzy colors!


Also from Fred Flare are these gems. I’m a little sad I didn’t know about these sooner; they would’ve been a GREAT accessory for tomorrow night’s New Kids on the Block concert! I may go ahead and order them anyway…just to rock some old school style.

No need to hold a boombox to your ear, anymore!

No need to hold a boombox to your ear, anymore!


Did you know Shark Week is coming up?! Have you seen the awesomely hilarious ad that Discovery Channel is running to promote their seven days of sea mayhem? Its pretty stinkin’ funny. Anywhoo, if you’re one of the many people who L-O-V-E-S SW, you NEED this mug from Perpetual Kid. Seriously:

I will never look at breakfast the same way again.

I will never look at breakfast the same way again.

Its heat activated so when you pour in your morning cup of Joe, you unleash the power of Jaws on an unsuspecting swimmer.


Want to add a little chemistry to your evening’s cocktail? Check out these new laboratory shot glasses from Think Geek!

Make potions for your pals!

Make potions for your pals!


Have a great weekend everybody!




Everybody in the Pool!

This week–since its been so hot–I’ve been frequenting my sister’s pool. The other day we were talking about how we used to have a pool growing up and how we never wanted to get out. We would spend HOURS in that pool. Which, I find funny because we didn’t really have a lot of pool toys. We just swam around, pretending to be Ariel or did flips off the deck. Nowadays, it seems like you HAVE to have pool toys; kids can’t be entertained for hours without some sort of object to float on or throw.

So I searched for pool toys online to see what was out there. And OMG, things sure have changed since 1989!

Check out this inflatable see-saw from Target:

Launch your friends into your neighbor's pool!

Launch your friends into your neighbor’s pool!

That really puts our inflatable alligator to shame.


This next item from Pool Products 4 Less just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, it seems like it would take up the entire pool!

Its basically a life-size Whack-a-Mole for the pool.

Its basically a life-size Whack-a-Mole for the pool.


This item is for the adults! Don’t want to get out of the pool for a drink or to partake in a friendly game of beer pong? There’s no need to fear; Perpetual Kid is here! Just make sure the water is warm enough, a solar heater is a great alternative.

You can drink in the pool, just don't pee in it.

You can drink in the pool, just don’t pee in it.


Maybe you’re not much of a swimmer, but you’d like to enjoy the pool whilst feeling like you’re getting a little culture. Enter Swim Outlet’s singing gondolier.

Itza me! Mario!

Itza me! Mario!

This suave gondolier sings three authentic Italian songs, glides around on the water, and lights up in the evening for some subtle romantic lighting.




Try It Tuesday: Lazy Edition

Hey Tryers!

This week I didn’t plan enough in advance so I don’t have something fun and fancy to make. However, there have been some things I’ve been wanting to buy and try, so I thought I’d share them with you today!

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Watermelon Oreos. Sadly, I went to two stores and couldn’t find them. BUT, I did find these! sherbet -flavored Oreos!

The joy of ice cream without making my teeth hurt!

The joy of ice cream without making my teeth hurt!


I was a little nervous about these, not gonna lie. I LOVE the original Oreos and my thinking is: Why mess with perfection? However these bad boys are actually pretty tasty! And, seeing as how I was swarmed by three adults and two toddlers as soon as I opened the package, its fair to say that everyone else liked them too! (As of post time, the package is about half-full. Or half-empty if you’re a pessimist).


I get daily emails from Hungry Girl telling me the latest and greatest in healthy finds. I’ve seen these chips on her site before and every time they’re in an email, I tell myself I’m going to try them.

Beans, beans, the musical....chips?

Beans, beans, the musical….chips?


They’re made with pinto beans and flax seeds are gluten free AND they use hormone-free cheese. Which, in my book, is pretty great. The look of the chips? Not so great:

Sausage? Nope. Its a chip.

Sausage? Nope. Its a chip.


The taste was… interesting. I could definitely taste the flax seed (which wasn’t awful) and the beans. I’m not 100% sold on them; the cheesy flavor just didn’t taste right with the flax and bean. I think I might try the plain ones with some hummus, though. If you’re really wanting to switch out your not-so-healthy chips with a more healthy alternative, I might suggest these.  Or I’d just suggest slicing up an apple. Its a toss up.


And finally, my last taste-test was Extra’s new Lemon Bar sugar free gum. I’ve generally liked all of the flavors from the Dessert Delights collection (mostly the Mint Chocolate Chip and Root Beer), so I was hopeful when I bought this:

A dessert that doesn't have 2,000,000 calories.

A dessert that doesn’t have 2,000,000 calories.


I was a little disappointed. The other flavors in this line were so true-to-life that I thought this gum would be like eating a homemade lemon bar. The flavor went away quicker than I had anticipated. This gum is really good for blowing bubbles, though! I’ve got the gum in my hair to prove it.


Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


The Reel Deal

Ah, summertime. Time to toss our coats in the closet, strap on our flip flops, and sweat our gonads off in the heat. Thankfully, there is a welcome respite for the blazing temperatures outside: the cool, refreshing blast of the air conditioner of your local movie theater.


That’s right; its movie season again, folks! I generally see movies come in three seasons: Winter = family movies/movies with so many celebtrities that the poster looks like an Us Weekly cover and movies made from books; Spummer (a hybrid of spring and summer) = action movies and animated movies for all; and Fall: ridiculous sequels/retellings of horror films from the 1970’s.


This “spummer”, there have actually been a lot of movies I have wanted to see. But between tornados, vacations, and Braxton Hicks contractions, I just haven’t been able to see them all. However, there are some that I will NOT be waiting until they hit the Red Box to check out:


1. Monster’s University

I loved Monster’s Inc. And, in my opinion, Pixar movies never disappoint (I’m willing to look over Meet the Robinsons because of the awesomeness that was Toy Story 3). In the latest installment from the peeps with the jumping lamp, we are thrown back in time with our scary friends from Monstropolis: James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. We get to see how these two (now) friends became best buds back in their college days. Not gonna lie; I may go see this without any children to accompany me.


2. The Lone Ranger


Lately it seems like the adage: “Everything old is new again” rings very true for Hollywood. We’ve had a remake of True Grit, Carrie, and Footloose all within the past 4 years. However, I am welcoming this remake with two very wide open arms. And it only has 60% to do with the fact that Johnny Depp is in it. I’m so excited to see what Gore Verbinski is going to do with this American classic!


3. World War Z

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Brad Pitt’s apocalyptic zombie tale. The critics say they expected more. Friends of mine said it was really good. Even my brother-in-law said that he really enjoyed it and it was a little difficult going home to an empty house at night after the movie. Since The Walking Dead hasn’t been on in months, I need something to quench my thirst for human-hungry zombies. Hopefully this will do just that!


4. Now You See Me

I know this one has been out for a while, but I still really want to check it out! I’ll admit, when I first saw the trailer I thought: ‘Huh, I guess magic is the new vampire’. (There were literally about three magician trailers when I saw the one for NYSM.) BUT, a bunch of friends have seen this and said that it was AMAZE-BALLS. I mean, how can it not be? It has The Hulk, Alfred, God, and Columbus!


Have you seen any of these? What did you think?

Adventures in Pregnancy: The Dreaded Glucose Test

Ever since I got pregnant, women have been telling me things to “get ready for”. I knew some of them, but others were a little mind-boggling:


“You’ll never have dry underwear when you pee EVER AGAIN.” 


“Your stomach will NEVER shrink back to its original size.” 


“The days of getting 5 hours of sleep in row are long gone.” 


Each complaint varied from woman to woman, however the constant gripe was: “The glucose test is AWFUL.”

From the way many of my friends (and random women at Walmart) talked, the glucose test went something like this:

1. You can’t eat anything past noon the day before.

2. You can’t get to the doctor’s office until 9:00 a.m.

3. The nurse will give you a gallon size jug of the most disgusting beverage ever (think Drano with an orange aftertaste).

4. You have one hour to drink the Drano and the nurse watches you like a hawk shouting “Chug, chug, chug” like a frat-boy.

5. After you drink the entire thing you have to wait three hours. Then they take a bag of blood from your arm.


However, MY glucose test went like this:

1. Wake up at 5:30 so I could eat breakfast. (I only had to fast one hour beforehand.)

2. Get to DLO at 7:00 so I could drink the stuff.

3. Drink a very tiny bottle of a beverage that tasted like Orange Gatorade mixed with flat Orange Crush (it actually wasn’t difficult. It was kinda good, actually.):

"Who loves orange soda? I do, I do, I dooo-ooo!"

“Who loves orange soda? I do, I do, I dooo-ooo!”

4. Wait for an hour.

5. Go to the back and have the phlebotomist take two tiny vials of blood. (She was super gentle; I didn’t even feel the needle!)

6. Go about my merry way.


I seriously amped myself up for this awful, horrible, totally disgusting and emotionally exhausting event. But it wasn’t like that at all. I really don’t know why the glucose test gets such a bad rep….especially since labor and delivery seems like such a hum-dinger in comparison!

For all you expectant mommies who haven’t done the glucose test, try not to fret. I know everyone’s experiences are going to be different, but just know that there is one woman out there that didn’t sit in a corner in the fetal position crying because of the glucose test.

Fan Girl Thursday

Hey fan-peeps! I’ve got something different for tomorrow so get ready for a bunch of nerd-tastic goodies coming your way!

First up, check out this awesome photo shoot from The Wedding Chicks‘ website! The couple’s wedding was Hunger Games themed. Let’s just hope that the guests weren’t asked to fight to the death.

I think the bride even resembles Katniss a little bit!

I think the bride even resembles Katniss a little bit!



Its summer people, so that means heat. Which means you’ll be partaking in ice cream, but you’ll still need to look swim-suit ready. How do you keep the pounds off and still enjoy some Ben and Jerry’s? No need to diet, just use this from Perpetual Kid!

Half the spoon means half the calories, right? Right?!

Half the spoon means half the calories, right? Right?!


And, if that doesn’t help with your weight loss goals, maybe try this from Oh Gizmo! Its a toilet seat that tells you how much you’ve lost after you’ve–ahem–dropped the kids off at the pool.

This blog started out to be so classy. Now its just gotten crappy. Heh. Word play!

This blog started out to be so classy. Now its just gotten crappy. Heh. Word play!



And finally, check out this ADORABLE necklace from Think Geek! I think every fan-girl is going to be sporting one of these very soon; they’re too cute to go without!

Mary BOT-ppins

Mary BOT-ppins


Happy Thursday fangirls and fanboys!


Try It Tuesday

Hello, Tryers!

Today’s Try It Tuesday was especially special! My family from Maryland (2 nephews, a niece, and a sister) are in town and brought me and Huff the Hubs a gift:

Look out, Krispy Kreme!

Look out, Krispy Kreme!

Its a Sunbeam Donut Maker! Its pretty much one of the greatest inventions ever. AND since my brother-in-law is a Target Deal Finding Ninja, he got it for more than half off! Holla! (If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see my donuts board that I made in anticipation for this!)

Anywhoo, since the kiddos are in two and I had to solidify my position as the favorite, i thought I’d make them donuts for breakfast. It was my first time using this, so I was a little nervous.

The recipe was pretty simple:

~1 ½ cups plain flour
~½ cup sugar
~1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
~9 tablespoons butter, melted
~¾ cup milk
~1 egg, lightly beaten

Yes, you read that right: NINE tablespoons butter. This is like, a Paula Deen recipe y’all!

All you have to do is preheat the donut maker, combine the dry ingredients, and then wisk in the rest! When its all combined, it’ll be pretty thick:

I didn't put the Sour Patch Kids in the donuts, btw.

I didn’t put the Sour Patch Kids in the donuts, btw.


Then, you pour (or pipe) the dough into the preheated donut maker when the ready light turns on:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.


About 6-7 minutes later, when the donuts have become golden brown, pop them out of the donut maker and let them cool. Or dive right in and scald your tongue.

I didn't eat all of them. Just kidding, I did.

I didn’t eat all of them. Just kidding, I did.


After the donuts have cooled, top them with your favorite icing/sprinkles and dig in! (Sidebar: We didn’t use the icing recipe that was in the packet, we just used some homemade icing my mom already had on hand from making a cake earlier in the week. Its basically a cup of powdered sugar and two tablespoons milk. Similar to the one I used when I made the Pumpkin Donuts.)

Oooohhh yeeeeahhhh.

Oooohhh yeeeeahhhh.


I REALLY liked these! They’re so tasty! And they were delicious while they were still warm. I think my taste-testers enjoyed them too:







Help Moore

The other day, I was talking to my mom about the relief effort going on in Moore. We discussed how nice it was to see people coming from all over the nation to help with the relief effort: donating money, cleaning up destroyed buildings, cooking food for others, etc.


Then we started lamenting the fact that we felt like we hadn’t done a lot to help with the effort. Sure, we volunteered at the church and dropped off donations, but still. We felt like we hadn’t done enough. I can’t really do too much (i.e., I can’t go out and remove rubble seeing as how I’ve got a beach ball attached to my tummy) but I still feel like I should be doing something.


Later that night, I saw a story on the news. The governor was out and about in Moore, surveying the damage. She was eating at a new steakhouse right in front of the Moore Warren Theater (one of the hardest hit places). When asked why she was eating there (the restaurant was still in rebuilding stages) she said: “Some people can’t go out and clean the streets or take time off work to help, but everyone can go out to eat.”


She explained that people had not only lost their homes, but many had also lost their livelihoods as well. Many of the business in the stretch of Moore that was hardest hit—12th Street to 19th Street; Broadway to May—had not only been tasked with clean up, but also with getting people back to work and keeping their finances from running out.


With that, I felt so much better and had a new task: help Moore by frequenting the businesses (especially the small businesses) around the area. I may not be able to shovel debris, but oh my goodness can I shop and can I eat!


There are some great establishments around Moore. Unfortunately I can’t list them all but here are some of the gems:




No need to book a flight to Athens, there is yummy, delicious, and fresh Greek food right off of 19th Street! Opah!



Locally owned and operated, this grocery store located at 12th and Santa Fe is known for its mouth-watering ribs and BBQ that they smoke IN the store! Seriously, I go there just for the smell.


The Moore Warren Theater


This movie theater is basically the Cadillac of all move theaters. There’s the posh balcony and the new ultra-swanky Director’s Suites where you get the star treatment. AND there’s the jaw-dropping IMAX Theater!


Showplace Market


The family-run business is full of cute “boutique-y” type clothing and knick-knacks. They also have these adorable Oklahoma stickers and car magnets that benefit the relief effort!


Divine Nails

If there’s something a girl can’t live without, it’s a pedicure. Divine Nails, located off of 19th and Telephone Road is AH-mazing! They also have a “Princess Spa” for the little divas, complete with Hello Kitty massaging chairs!


Moore Liquor

moore liquor

I think there are a lot of people that could use a drink after what’s been going on. And, if you’re like me and can’t partake, at least drive by to look at their hilarious marquee! (And please drink responsibly!)



So even if you can’t get out to Moore with a dump truck or flatbed of supplies, you can still help the people (and city) of Moore by frequenting the shops and restaurants! We can (and will) rebuild Moore to its full glory!