Pregnancy Anomaly

According to my pregnancy app (yes, I have that What to Expect What You’re Expecting app because pregnant brain does not allow me to remember how far a long I am) I am 25 weeks, 5 days along. Which means I only have 14 weeks and 2 days left of this pregnancy.

Up to now, I thought I had seen and experienced everything that pregnancy had to offer: nausea, spontaneous moments of fear, memory loss, and a complete loss of respect for gravity. That is, until now.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing that I’ll be ravenous right before meals. Then, when I sit down to eat, expecting to inhale my food like a feral child, I’ll get a few bites in and then get tired of eating. I don’t get nauseous, I don’t get full, I actually get bored with the action of eating. I’m tired of it and I don’t want anymore.

Normally, the non-pregnant Jess would be excited: Woo! I’ll lose weight this way! 

But pregnant Jess thinks: Crap, I’m just going to get hungry in a few hours, which will make my stomach hurt. Why can’t I just eat?!

Let me tell you, I’ve never had a problem with eating. I. LOVE. FOOD. And since I’ve been with Huff the Hubs, I’ve tried all kinds of foreign cuisines. I’m up for trying just about anything. So I just don’t understand why eating is such a chore now.

Have any other preggos experienced this? Am I an anomaly? Should I get Mulder and Scully on the line?

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