Make a Difference

Because I don’t have cable, I have a few choices on how to not go crazy, working from home. I can either sit in silence, re-watch Friends for the 8th time this year, or suffer through daytime television.

Today, I opted for daytime television. And I’m glad I did.

Normally, I hate TV shows that are “doctors” giving “medical” advice. Whenever I see them, the first thing I think is: “Okay, and how much money are you being paid to endorse this product?”

However today, I was actually impressed by a segment done on The Doctors.

They were talking to philanthropist Lorna Macleod. Macleod lived and worked for many years at the leading luxury safari and travel brokers in Africa. While in Africa, she became involved in many non-profit organizations. This is when she learned that 868,000 Kenyan girls miss nearly a week of school each month because they can’t afford to buy sanitary pads. Something so simple to us women here in America, but in Kenya; It’s a luxury these girls simply cannot afford.

Sadly, when these girls get their periods every month, they have to stay home because if they go to school without the proper sanitary items, they soil their clothing (which they don’t have a lot of either). However when the girls stay home, they miss school. When they miss school, they fall behind. When they fall behind, it’s difficult to catch up, meaning they may be forced to drop out.

In some cases, many girls so desperately want to be able to go to school, that they prostitute themselves out so they can afford cotton for sanitary napkins. If they choose not to, they are forced to use dangerous methods of protecting their clothes. These methods can cause damage to the girls’ bodies, and in some cases proves fatal.

This did not sit well with Macleod. Through a grant from Johnson & Johnson, Macleod was able to start a non-profit organization called Huru (Swahili for “freedom”).


Huru provides eco-friendly, reusable sanitary napkin kits to girls in Kenya. The kits are locally and sustainably produced, giving women (and men) in Kenya jobs that help to support their families.

Each Huru Kit comes packaged in a drawstring bag that doubles as a backpack, and includes:

  • Eight reusable sanitary pads
  • Three pairs of underwear
  • Soap to wash the sanitary pads
  • Waterproof bag to safely store used sanitary pads
  • Educational insert proper sanitary pad usage
  • Life-saving HIV/AIDS prevention information

I highly encourage you to check out Huru’s website. I know times are tough and, after what we’ve seen happen here in Oklahoma, some may be thinking: “If I’m going to donate its going to my people, here, in Oklahoma.”

Which, I get that. But just remember: people from all over the nation (and the world) have sent donations to our friends and neighbors here in Moore (and Shawnee, El Reno, and Oklahoma City). So maybe if you can’t donate today, you can help out later down the road. We all need a little help sometimes.

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