Help Moore

The other day, I was talking to my mom about the relief effort going on in Moore. We discussed how nice it was to see people coming from all over the nation to help with the relief effort: donating money, cleaning up destroyed buildings, cooking food for others, etc.


Then we started lamenting the fact that we felt like we hadn’t done a lot to help with the effort. Sure, we volunteered at the church and dropped off donations, but still. We felt like we hadn’t done enough. I can’t really do too much (i.e., I can’t go out and remove rubble seeing as how I’ve got a beach ball attached to my tummy) but I still feel like I should be doing something.


Later that night, I saw a story on the news. The governor was out and about in Moore, surveying the damage. She was eating at a new steakhouse right in front of the Moore Warren Theater (one of the hardest hit places). When asked why she was eating there (the restaurant was still in rebuilding stages) she said: “Some people can’t go out and clean the streets or take time off work to help, but everyone can go out to eat.”


She explained that people had not only lost their homes, but many had also lost their livelihoods as well. Many of the business in the stretch of Moore that was hardest hit—12th Street to 19th Street; Broadway to May—had not only been tasked with clean up, but also with getting people back to work and keeping their finances from running out.


With that, I felt so much better and had a new task: help Moore by frequenting the businesses (especially the small businesses) around the area. I may not be able to shovel debris, but oh my goodness can I shop and can I eat!


There are some great establishments around Moore. Unfortunately I can’t list them all but here are some of the gems:




No need to book a flight to Athens, there is yummy, delicious, and fresh Greek food right off of 19th Street! Opah!



Locally owned and operated, this grocery store located at 12th and Santa Fe is known for its mouth-watering ribs and BBQ that they smoke IN the store! Seriously, I go there just for the smell.


The Moore Warren Theater


This movie theater is basically the Cadillac of all move theaters. There’s the posh balcony and the new ultra-swanky Director’s Suites where you get the star treatment. AND there’s the jaw-dropping IMAX Theater!


Showplace Market


The family-run business is full of cute “boutique-y” type clothing and knick-knacks. They also have these adorable Oklahoma stickers and car magnets that benefit the relief effort!


Divine Nails

If there’s something a girl can’t live without, it’s a pedicure. Divine Nails, located off of 19th and Telephone Road is AH-mazing! They also have a “Princess Spa” for the little divas, complete with Hello Kitty massaging chairs!


Moore Liquor

moore liquor

I think there are a lot of people that could use a drink after what’s been going on. And, if you’re like me and can’t partake, at least drive by to look at their hilarious marquee! (And please drink responsibly!)



So even if you can’t get out to Moore with a dump truck or flatbed of supplies, you can still help the people (and city) of Moore by frequenting the shops and restaurants! We can (and will) rebuild Moore to its full glory!



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