The Reel Deal

Ah, summertime. Time to toss our coats in the closet, strap on our flip flops, and sweat our gonads off in the heat. Thankfully, there is a welcome respite for the blazing temperatures outside: the cool, refreshing blast of the air conditioner of your local movie theater.


That’s right; its movie season again, folks! I generally see movies come in three seasons: Winter = family movies/movies with so many celebtrities that the poster looks like an Us Weekly cover and movies made from books; Spummer (a hybrid of spring and summer) = action movies and animated movies for all; and Fall: ridiculous sequels/retellings of horror films from the 1970’s.


This “spummer”, there have actually been a lot of movies I have wanted to see. But between tornados, vacations, and Braxton Hicks contractions, I just haven’t been able to see them all. However, there are some that I will NOT be waiting until they hit the Red Box to check out:


1. Monster’s University

I loved Monster’s Inc. And, in my opinion, Pixar movies never disappoint (I’m willing to look over Meet the Robinsons because of the awesomeness that was Toy Story 3). In the latest installment from the peeps with the jumping lamp, we are thrown back in time with our scary friends from Monstropolis: James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. We get to see how these two (now) friends became best buds back in their college days. Not gonna lie; I may go see this without any children to accompany me.


2. The Lone Ranger


Lately it seems like the adage: “Everything old is new again” rings very true for Hollywood. We’ve had a remake of True Grit, Carrie, and Footloose all within the past 4 years. However, I am welcoming this remake with two very wide open arms. And it only has 60% to do with the fact that Johnny Depp is in it. I’m so excited to see what Gore Verbinski is going to do with this American classic!


3. World War Z

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Brad Pitt’s apocalyptic zombie tale. The critics say they expected more. Friends of mine said it was really good. Even my brother-in-law said that he really enjoyed it and it was a little difficult going home to an empty house at night after the movie. Since The Walking Dead hasn’t been on in months, I need something to quench my thirst for human-hungry zombies. Hopefully this will do just that!


4. Now You See Me

I know this one has been out for a while, but I still really want to check it out! I’ll admit, when I first saw the trailer I thought: ‘Huh, I guess magic is the new vampire’. (There were literally about three magician trailers when I saw the one for NYSM.) BUT, a bunch of friends have seen this and said that it was AMAZE-BALLS. I mean, how can it not be? It has The Hulk, Alfred, God, and Columbus!


Have you seen any of these? What did you think?

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