Try It Tuesday: Lazy Edition

Hey Tryers!

This week I didn’t plan enough in advance so I don’t have something fun and fancy to make. However, there have been some things I’ve been wanting to buy and try, so I thought I’d share them with you today!

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Watermelon Oreos. Sadly, I went to two stores and couldn’t find them. BUT, I did find these! sherbet -flavored Oreos!

The joy of ice cream without making my teeth hurt!

The joy of ice cream without making my teeth hurt!


I was a little nervous about these, not gonna lie. I LOVE the original Oreos and my thinking is: Why mess with perfection? However these bad boys are actually pretty tasty! And, seeing as how I was swarmed by three adults and two toddlers as soon as I opened the package, its fair to say that everyone else liked them too! (As of post time, the package is about half-full. Or half-empty if you’re a pessimist).


I get daily emails from Hungry Girl telling me the latest and greatest in healthy finds. I’ve seen these chips on her site before and every time they’re in an email, I tell myself I’m going to try them.

Beans, beans, the musical....chips?

Beans, beans, the musical….chips?


They’re made with pinto beans and flax seeds are gluten free AND they use hormone-free cheese. Which, in my book, is pretty great. The look of the chips? Not so great:

Sausage? Nope. Its a chip.

Sausage? Nope. Its a chip.


The taste was… interesting. I could definitely taste the flax seed (which wasn’t awful) and the beans. I’m not 100% sold on them; the cheesy flavor just didn’t taste right with the flax and bean. I think I might try the plain ones with some hummus, though. If you’re really wanting to switch out your not-so-healthy chips with a more healthy alternative, I might suggest these.  Or I’d just suggest slicing up an apple. Its a toss up.


And finally, my last taste-test was Extra’s new Lemon Bar sugar free gum. I’ve generally liked all of the flavors from the Dessert Delights collection (mostly the Mint Chocolate Chip and Root Beer), so I was hopeful when I bought this:

A dessert that doesn't have 2,000,000 calories.

A dessert that doesn’t have 2,000,000 calories.


I was a little disappointed. The other flavors in this line were so true-to-life that I thought this gum would be like eating a homemade lemon bar. The flavor went away quicker than I had anticipated. This gum is really good for blowing bubbles, though! I’ve got the gum in my hair to prove it.


Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


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