Livin’ On Tiki Time…

Happy Monday, folks!

I hope you had a great Fourth and that you still have all of your appendages (unless you held on to a Roman Candle while it went off. In which case, you deserve to lose a finger or two.)

I took a few days off because 1., I had the time off from work and 2., my family is still in town and they trump new blog posts.

But now that I’m back to the land of the living working, I thought I’d relive my weekend and rub your noses in the fun that was had.

If you’re my friend on Facebook, you know my dad has been working on a very special project the past few months. Dad loves the beach and anything tropical (although I think it’s just the Mai Tai’s) so he decided to build his own oasis in the backyard.

He’s been working on his island escape with the projected deadline of July 4th. He was successful! After months of planning, sawing, pouring cement, cutting out Tiki heads, and decorating, the Tiki Hut is officially finished!

This weekend was the grand unveiling of the hut.

We grilled:



We swung in the hammock:

Just a swingin'...

Just a swingin’…

We enjoyed each others company:

5 o'clock at the Oasis

5 o’clock at the Oasis

And got a little fresh:


Hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?

I wish I could capture all of the awesome little details on camera because photos just don’t do this place justice. It’s the ultimate summer hangout! I told Dad, “Between the Hut and Bridget having a pool, I don’t think I’m going to spend a minute of this summer indoors.”

Hammock's-Eye View

Hammock’s-Eye View


And here’s a video tour of the Hut!

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