Free Schtuff!

Our nation is a melting pot. We all come from different backgrounds, have different views, and different preferences. But, I think we can all agree on one thing: We. Love. Free. Crap.


Since today is July 11th (AKA, 7-11), 7-11s all over the country were giving away free Slurpees® until 7:00 tonight!

7-11 doesn't like Oklahoma. Wah, wah...

7-11 doesn’t like Oklahoma. Wah, wah…

Well…unless you live in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, our 7-11s serve Icees, not Slurpees® so us Okies get screwed over with the freebie. BUT, all sizes of Big Gulps® are one sale for #0.49 until 7:00 p.m. (though in NYC you’ll only be able to get a 20 ounce, lol).


This got me thinking: What other freebies can I get {that I can eat}?

Well, Me, I’m glad you asked.

Tomorrow, Chick-Fil-A is running their annual Cow Appreciation Day promotion!If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal! If you do it halfway and just wear a mask or something, you’ll get a free sandwich. But still! Free is free, people!

Eat mor chikin.

Eat mor chikin.


If you live in the OKC area, the Oklahoma City Zoo is offering FREE admission on July 17th as part of their Sales Tax Appreciation Day! Go monkey around for free!


Go wild!

Go wild!


Throughout the year, there are freebies or crazy discounts to be found just about anywhere! For example, to celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 76th birthday, they are offering a dozen doughnuts for just $0.76 when you buy a dozen! You could feed a Lifegroup with that (or about 3 teenagers).

Doughnuts for cheap?! yes please!

Doughnuts for cheap?! yes please!


On your birthday, you can receive a free meal at Ihop or a free dessert at pretty much anywhere!  On Veterans Day, active duty or retired military can get a free roast beef sandwich at Arby’s or All You Can Eat Pancakes at Denny’s! Tax Day is chock full of freebies ranging from free popcorn at the movies to free Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, to free shredding of documents at Office Depot and free massages! Even the National Parks Service has free admission dates!


Do you know of any freebies? What’s the best freebie you’ve scored?



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