Pregnancy Update

Yes, this is another pregnancy post.


I promise you’ll laugh though, so please spare me the eye rolls and exasperated sighs.


The first trimester, I hated being pregnant. I was sick, tired, and had ZERO energy.

there there gif


The second trimester, I LOVED being pregnant! I had energy, zero nausea, and was still working out 5 times a week!

high fiving a million angels


When I slowly started getting into the third trimester, things started to go south again…


My energy started to fade.

horizontal running 3


People started giving me their opinions on anything and everything baby-related, causing me to dig deep in my reserves of patience.

the lord is testing me


I also started noticing that my belly started getting bigger, causing more problems (physically and mentally).

No control over body or emotions


And at this point, even though I only have 6 weeks to go, I feel like crap.

everything hurts and i'm dying


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…Although that tunnel includes me having to push a human out of my body. Which terrifies me and I imagine anything and everything that could go wrong.



And as I get closer to my due date, I’ve been experiencing weird dreams…



…and even weirder pregnancy anomalies….

i just peed myself


…and the occasional bout of unexplainable rage.

where's my mac and cheese


But apparently, I hear its all worth it in the end.

jim pam baby


I just hope I can make it to that point without going Southside on the next person to ask me how to spell Hermione or whether or not we’re incorporating pink into our Star Wars nursery.

i will stab you


In the meantime, I think I’ll just settle down with a plate of Oreos, and take a nice nap.

flopping kitty








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