Fan Girl Friday

Did you hear the news, people?!

You didn’t?! Okay, so, get this: remember how I told you a while back that Matt Smith is leaving after the Christmas Special? Well, BBC1 released a statement earlier this week, saying that the new Doctor will be revealed THIS Sunday! I haven’t been this excited about an announcement from Britain since Kate Middleton went into labor!

In honor of the newest Doctor’s unveiling this weekend, today’s’ Fan Girl Friday is all about the Mad Man with the Blue Box!

Whilst wasting time on Pinterest when I should’ve been sleeping, I found an awesome sight that has the top 10 pieces of furniture inspired by the Tardis! I really want the outdoor shed! (But I need a backyard first!)

Its cozier on in the inside.

Its cozier on in the inside.


I’m LOVING this tee from Think Geek! Its not overly Whovian, which is great because if you wore it out and about, you’d be able to tell a true fan from a layman. And, as we all know, nothing equates instant friendship like some random person coming up to you at WalMart and saying: “Allonsy!”


"I'm the Doctor."; "Doctor who?"'; "Precisely."

“I’m the Doctor.”; “Doctor who?”‘; “Precisely.”


Not a Whovian? Have a friend who hasn’t experienced the pure joy/sadness/fear/excitement of the Who-verse? Need some help converting them? No need to fear! I came across a great article that lists 5 episodes that will turn any Who-skeptic into a Whovian! (No pamphlets or bicycles required!) The list is actually pretty good, but I think I would add Don’t Blink. That episode scared me into loving DW.


"I'm the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompudor!"

“I’m the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompudor!”


Sidebar: The very first episode of Doctor Who I ever watched was The Girl in the Fireplace. Pretty much one of the greatest episodes EVER and it really makes you love Ten with both hearts.


Are you excited about the big announcement? Do you have any suggestions for the new Doctor? Not going to lie, I hope its not a girl and I hope he’s ginger. He’s been waiting SO long to be ginger! Rupert Grint, you’re not doing anything, right? Why don’t you lace up the Converse and hop in the Tardis?

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