It’s That Time of Year Again…

Today was OKC’s first day back at school. And, having a sister and a mother who work at a public school, I lamented with them the fact that we can longer spend our day’s poolside or making many trips to the cupcake store and Sonic. However, instead of crying over an empty cupcake wrapper, I thought I’d pull a “Buzzfeed” and do something everyone could appreciate. Make a list of my top 15 school-related movies!


So here they are, in no particular order. (Sidebar: if you haven’t seen some of these, you NEED to. Especially the ones from the ‘80’s; they’re my bread and butter.)


Summer School

Summer School

A young Mark Harmon + a skinny Kirstie Alley = 1980’s movie GOLD.


Bad Teacher

bad teacher

I’m fairly certain this is loosely based on one particular teacher of mine in high school. (My former classmates probably know who I’m referencing.)


The Breakfast Club

breakfast club

Typical clichéd geek, jock, nerd, princess, burnout, and trouble maker…But with a dash of John Hughes’ genius.  (click image)


Fast Times at Ridgemont High

fast times

Oh Spinozi, why’d you have to go all weird and marry Madonna?!


Dazed and Confused

dazed and confused

Hands down, best Matthew McConaughey movie ever (let’s just look past the whole “Fools Gold” fiasco…)


Easy A

easy A

Forever linking Emma Stone and Natasha Bedingfield.



clueless gif

Creating new buzzwords and phrases for a generation. (“She’s a total Monet!”)


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


“Life can move pretty fast. If you don’t slow down, you may miss it.”


Mean Girls

mean girls

Oh Lindsey Lohan, you had such a promising future. See what hanging out with the school bullies does to you? Yep. Four stints in rehab.


Peggy Sue Got Married

peggy sue

Time travel, Nicholas Cage in a gold suit, and “Chandler’s Dad”. How can it get any better than this?!




Teaching girls everywhere that if being yourself doesn’t get the guy, leather and teased hair will.


Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink

“I am now and forever will be, The Duck Man.”


Back to the Future


How would I summarize this in one sentence? Guy goes back in time, kisses his mom, and hooks his parents up all while wearing a life preserver and talking to the town nut.


10 Things I Hate About You

ten things

You tell her, JGL. You don’t need her; one day you’ll help save Gotham.


Can’t Buy Me Love

can't buy me love 2

Even McDreamy had an awkward stage…

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