You Just Don’t Get It

My personality is somewhat a mixture of Chandler Bing, Grumpy Cat, and Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. My sense of humor can be sarcastic and dry and somewhat snarky.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

A lot of people don’t “get” my sense of humor. These are typically the same people that look at me like I’ve just punched a bunny in the face when I say “I’m done with pregnancy!” or “I’m not a fan of overly sentimental things.”


I’ve been told that sometimes people may see my sense of humor as brash or even a little insulting… and they’re probably right. One look at my “Ecard” board will affirm that. But at this point, I’m like:


Preach, 'Rella.

Preach, ‘Rella.


I used to stress myself out thinking: “Oh geez, I hope they didn’t think I was being offensive,” or “Was that not politically correct?” I would lie in bed at night and fret and worry about what I said and to whom and think, “I’m such a horrible person.”


Now, however, I don’t do that. Its not that I don’t have a filter (because I do…sometimes…) but I also don’t lose sleep over what I’ve said. If I start to think about it, I just tell myself, “Well, it’s out there now. People probably think you’re a jerk, but that’s okay. Everybody can be jerks. Just try to not be so Draco Malfoy next time, okay?”


Maybe not "fun"...Okay maybe a little bit.

Maybe not “fun”…Okay maybe a little bit.

I know I need to watch some of the things I say, since in a matter of weeks, I’ll have a Little that will be processing and repeating every word I say. And I intend to watch myself (that’s why I’m trying now). I don’t want to raise a little twerp that has no sense of other people’s feelings and zero tact. I want Hermione to be polite, have manners, and not act like so many kids I see out there today. (She will, however, know how to not take things so seriously and learn that laughter sometimes really is the best medicine.)


I guess I just feel that some of the stuff I say/find funny is just my inherit personality; the way God made me. I can’t help it if I think the third Austin Powers movie is hilarious and shamelessly guffaw at every innuendo, nor can I stop the laughter that takes over me when I watch the You Tube montage of news anchors slipping and falling.


I don't.

I don’t.

I know it’s hard to convey tone through blogs, so I hope you guys don’t get your knickers in a twist when I say something meant to be sarcastic and funny. And if you do happen to get your BVDs in a bunch, then all I have to say to you is:


They really are.

They really are.

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